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intermittent vommiting and diarrhea for 5 days - no conclusive diagnosis from vet

Hi, I just wanted to ask for any input on my dog's current tummy trouble. I have no access to another vet in our area and I would really appreciate a second opinion :)
Anyway, one of my dogs had a few episodes of intermittent vomiting and diarrhea for the past 5 days - her stool was jelly like and  one had traces of blood, and her vomit is usually gloopy and yellowish and at one time, had a tinge of pink / red specks in it, and recently it appeared foamy.
I've taken her to the vet twice  this week , and she's currently on medication:
- Colymoxyn (which is colistin+amoxicillin+attapulgite+neomycin+electrolites)  and
-  Metronidazole - amoebicide/antiprotozoal)
She had a stool exam, blood test, and xray -  all seemed ok except that she had slightly higher bacterial count in her stool and had an elevated wbc count (25.5 x 10^9/L ; ref. range: 6.0-17.0). There are no apparent bowel obstructions based on her x-ray (they did thoracic & abdominal).
I am just concerned because the vet did not give me any definite diagnosis, and where still on the "wait and see" stage.  She also told me to stop giving probiotics and yogurt for the meantime as it will interfere with the meds. I didn't argue, but from what i know probiotics replenish the good bacteria in the tummy.

Another thing that really concerned me was that just 6 days ago all my 4 dogs had their yearly vaccine/booster shots.  She gave the 4-in-1 and rabbies vaccines at the same time along with the dewormer! I asked her about it and she said it was fine as long as the dog is healthy (very skeptical about this).
(FYI: she's not our regular vet. Our trusted vet is actually her uncle, who is currently out of the country. She's very friendly and seems competent but I'm afraid she might not have the needed experience and "vet's instincts" like her uncle)

My questions are:
- Is it really not advisable to give probiotics while on medication - specifically colymoxyn & metronidazole?
- Is it possible that the recent vaccinations could be a factor of my dog's sickness?
- Would it be best to put my dog on IV fluids so her stomach can rest?

I would truly appreciate it if you can give me your input so I can relay the same to our vet.  Thanks you!
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How old is this dog & what do you feed her?
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hi! she's 3 years old and is a shihtzu/poodle/minpin mix (she looks like a slightly larger and longer yorkie).

with regards to their food, i haven't fed my dogs commercial dog food for the past two years and it has improved their health - no more rashes, allergies, and frequent vet visits.

Usually it's just steamed meat ( chopped lean pork, chicken (no bones), or liver), squash, and rice.
they like to snack on fruits and veggies, usually banana, watermelon, and carrots.  they also get small bits of fresh baked bread about 3 times a week - although i'm told not to give this too often.
sometimes they do get human food as a treat, like ice cream,pasta, cheese, crackers, biscuits, ( not chocolate or onions of course) - they're experts at making puppy dog eyes, lol!! my dad sometimes give them a hotdog or two (shared by all four dogs) but I only allow it like once a month.
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