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itchy ears & paws

Our family dog has this insane itching of her ears & paws. The vet said it's allergies. So she takes pills & it works. She can't be on them all the time. When we stop giving them to her she itches like crazy again. She drags her head on the ground & chews on her paws all day long. Is there anything else we can do for her since she can't always take a pill? Someone PLEASE HELP!!!!
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Allergies are very frustrating.  Dogs have allergic reactions to everything we are allergic to and more.  Whenever possible, it is best to attempt to determine what the pet is reacting to.  Providing your veterinarian with information concerning the age at which the problem began, the time of year it occurs what diets the pet has eaten and any supplements it has taken are all pieces to the allergy puzzle.  Sometimes a definitive answer can't be found and the allergies need to be treated in such as way as to ease the symptoms. Some medications need to be used cautiously, like steroids.  Sometimes, they are the only medication that will help.  Antihsitamines are frequently used and are safe for long tern useage.  Ask your primary care veterinarian about possible allergy testing.  It can help you identify what the agent(s) may be that are causing the problem.  You pet can undergo desensitization injections.  They can be very helpful in the long run but do not give your pet immediate relief.  If you need a second opinion, find a board certified veterinary dermatologist in your area and make an appointment with him or her.  Best of luck with this all to common problem.

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As Dr. Bernadine said, it's very frustrating trying to figure out what is causing a pet's allergies.  You might be able to start narrowing down the list, though, if you keep a journal of what happens in your pet's daily life and how the itchiness is on a day to day basis.

Get a small notebook that you will use ONLY for your pet's allergy diary.  Each day, write down what the weather is like, where your pet has spent her time, what she has eaten (even small treats, everything counts here), and how much the itching has seemed to bother her that day.  Eventually you will start noticing that, for example, on days when it is very wet, her paws seem to itch more than normal, or after she eats a certain thing, that on all the days when the itching seemed to bother her the worst, she had eaten that same thing.  It is going to take a while to see the patterns, but with diligence and patience you will eventually start to narrow the field of what it is that's the cause of her misery, and then you can work on eliminating that thing from her life.

Please keep us posted as to how she comes along.  Good luck!

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try EVO dog food..wet and dry...worked wonders for my malteese..she was stratching and biting herself red before I tried this. I get it at the health food store but some pet shops carry it now...NO GRAINS in it..thats the key to allot of these allergies....believe me..you learn alot from these people at these health food stores..more than at a vet sometimes!!! good luck
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You aren't using carpet freshner when you vacumn are you?
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No, she's an outside dog
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