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just in need of support

Hi, my Tasha, a yorkie, who is 10, went from a slow chronic renal failure to an acute failure.  She is on Renal LP, and benazopril, Epakitin, Omega 3, and Plavix.  She recently suffered a stroke which was frightening to say the least.  She has more or less recovered from the stroke.  Her back legs are a little weak, and she limps a bit on her rear left.  The neurologist wanted to do an MRI, but because of the early renal failure,, they did labs first to make sure she could handle the anesthesia.  That's when they found out she was now in end stage.  No MRI was done

She is lethargic and getting her to eat is difficult. Her breath is horrific.  I tried giving her a little bit of ground beef in with her Renal LP, but it made no difference, and as protein is bad for her, I have left it out.   With encouragement, she will eat her meal, reluctantly, and she will get a little treat after.  But I think she is now nauseas as she is gagging and it is getting worse.  I will get some Serenia from the vet on Monday.  

Sad doesn't even come close to how I am feeling.  Devastated is closer.  I fear the end is close.  She has been in my bed all day now and shows no sign of wanting to get up.

I have read a lot of your posts so I know you know how I feel.  How do I know when it is time to  ...........?
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I am so sorry to read this.  I understand how difficult this must be for you.
Your poor little dog obviously does not feel well and cannot be getting much joy out of her days.
My "personal" opinion is it comes down to a quality of life issue and we often know we are only prolonging the inevitable.  I let a beloved companion suffer through Cancer years ago and swore I would never do that again.
As I have said before, this is often the last act of love and kindness we can do for them.
If you are in doubt, have a discussion with your Vet and see what the prognosis is.
I am sure you will make the right decision for your little one.
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Hi Margot,

Thank you for your reply.  

She has gone downhill so quickly that I am in shock I think.  She is finally out of bed and has eaten her "breakfast" and gone out for a pee/pooh.  I am pretty sure she is nauseated and would feel better with Serenia or something.  I am going to search the web for something I have at home that might settle her tummy.  Being Saturday night, Monday is a long way off to get meds from vet.  If I could just settle her tummy, I think she would feel better........for a little while.

The neurologist who saw her for the stroke, consulted with 2 of his colleagues, and internal medicine vet and one other (I forget).  They thought, given her labs, she would have a year or so to live.  This was about 3 weeks ago.  I don't think she has near this long.

She has not lost weight, but at the same time looks smaller, to me and her groomer.   I do not know how this is possible.

thank you.
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I hesitate suggesting meds as I am not a Vet but, from past experience with a dog with renal failure, you can try Pepcid.  However, I would clear that with your Vet and check on the dose if he says that is ok.  Of course, it is the weekend.  Does he take calls at all on the weekend or maybe he rotates with other Vets?  Vets around here don't do that anymore so we only have the ER clinic to deal with and they usually will not advise over the phone but you can always try if you have one just for a dose recommendation.
The other thing that might help is some ginger, even Ginger Snaps but, again, not sure if you should use those.
Hate to see her feeling sick like this until Monday. :-(
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yeah, my vet is closed till Monday.  The vet emerg doc will not advise over the phone.   I have read about mint, and ginger and have neither.  Not even ginger snaps.  And she is so little, less than 3kg, that I would not know how much to give her anyways.

Right now it is 8:30 and I have 3 bunnies on the loose that will NOT go back into their cage, so I cant go to the vet emerg now as I will have no legs left on any of my wooden furniture.  Best I can do is get bunnies in their cage somehow and go first thing in the morning to get a shot of the serenia.  From what I have read, it is an injectable drug -  not oral.

oh, she has just gone for a pee and was barking at something out there, so that is good.  And she is eating some dinner, even better. ....she ate it all, yay.

I have not eaten all day, so must find some food now...I will get back tomorrow to let you know how the night went.

thank you for your concern.

I will write tomorrow to let you know how the night went.
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I hate to read this...I'm so sorry for this terrible disease...We have a lengthy thread on this forum about Kidney failure....Actually there are 3-4 good threads......I will send you the main one, but it will take forever to read so you might just want to skim it......

Next: The bad breath & nausea come from toxins in the system that the kidneys are no longer able to process....If you have a regular Tums, you can give her 1/2 of one and see if that helps the nausea...The calcium also will bind to the phosphorus in the food....

Come Monday, you need to ask your Vet to add a Phosphorus Binder to her food....It will take some of the bad chemicals out of what she eats.....However, don't buy much and waste your money because she may not eat ANY food with the meds in it.....You can syringe the Binder w/water into mouth...Must be given w/food....

Pepcid CAN be given...SHe needs 1/4 of a pill if you think this is acid reflux & may help settle her tummy.....

Next: At this point, give her whatever she wants to eat....Really, does it make any difference???? IMO, NO!  Try cooking some chicken & rice, Chicken & sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes w chicken & broth.....Scramble her an egg in some butter....She might like it.....Fats are good for Kidneys.....Make her a warm bowl of food and let her have it.....

Please know that you and your little one are in my prayers......I cringe everytime a KD post comes up...It breaks my Heart......I'll go dig up the thread and post it next.....Take care & I wish you luck.....Karla

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Cerenia comes in both injectable AND oral.......Karla
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Hi Karla,

Thanks for the response.

She is on Epakitin which is a powder sprinkled on food that does bind the phosphorus.  

I will get some Pepcid AC tomorrow.  1/4 tablet you say.  okay. I do not have tums.  Glad to hear Cerenia comes in oral form.  She is on a Renal LP diet.   I hesitate a bit right now to give her just anything to eat.  Like I said earlier, ground beef added to the Renal LP did nothing for her appetite, so I think it is a tummy thing.  I am going to address that first.

She has had both meals and all meds today, so that is good.  Right now she is yapping at me for some unknown reason....maybe she wants to be held....quiet now..........

yeah I knew about the stinky breath.  Only now finding out now about the nausea.

Will ask the vet on Monday about Cerenia vs Pepsid AC vs Tums.  Actually, will email her now.

oh, look forward to the thread on KD.

Thanks Karla,
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Three homemade recipes for a Kidney diet:

Recipe #1
Mix 1/2 cooked sticky rice (sushi rice) cooked in unsalted butter with 1/2 HIGH fat hamburger or dark meat chicken (lower in phosphorus than white meat). Add two cooked egg whites (no yolk) per cup. You can make as large a batch as needed and freeze for daily portions. Save the egg shells, and add back one teaspoon of egg shell (dry overnight, grind in a coffee bean grinder) per two pounds of food. The egg shell is good for calcium and also acts as a phosphorus binder.

Recipe #2
Cook Malt o Meal and add one tablespoon of unsalted butter per cup. Cool, and add two tablespoons of heavy whipping cream (don’t need to whip it!). You may add a bit of meat (hamburger, ground chicken) and some gravy for flavor. I have also added chicken skin or beef fat for variety.

Recipe #3
Cook sticky rice (sushi rice) and add unsalted butter. Mix at 1/3 sticky rice, to 1/3 boiled sweet potatoes, and add 1/3 either ground pork, lamb or fatty hamburger. Add one egg white per cup. (You can substitute boiled potatoes for sweet potatoes).

Green tripe is also a pretty good food lower in phosphorus than other foods. You can buy this frozen at outlets that sell frozen raw diets for dogs, or buy it in cans called Tripett. It is also good to occasionally add beef kidney, a bit of liver and egg yolks. While these are high in phosphorus, they do provide needed nutrients. . You can also mix either the rice or the vegetable mix with drained mackerel or salmon for variety and the fish already has bone steamed with it, so it is balanced properly for calcium. Because of the bone, fish is high in phosphorus and so should be used in very limited amounts. Do not feed tuna, as it is high in mercury. Again, save your eggshells, and dry them overnight. Then grind them in a coffee bean grinder and add to the food served at 1/2 teaspoon per pound.

It is important to select fatty meat. So pork and lamb are also good choices to mix with the rice and they add a nice variety. Fat offers calories for energy and weight gain, and fattier cuts of meat are lower in phosphorus. Do offer a variety to keep your dogÕs interest and appetite hearty. More severe kidney problems can lend to loss of appetite and at these times, offering almost any type of food may be necessary. - See more at: http://www.b-naturals.com
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Hi Tasha's Mom,

I so feel for you.  I just started a thread about my dog who is in renal failure, too.  I wish I had some helpful secrets to share, but I don't.  Just know that I feel for you and wish Tasha comfort and strength.

My dog was diagnosed a little over a week ago after having had a dental done.  And when he came home, he was still under anesthesia.  He was not himself.  He would stand and stare off into space looking very uncomfortable and acting irritable which is very unlike him.  Within a day or so, he was his old self - except for not eating - but that is my standard now.  If he goes three days being not himself and seeming to be in pain, I will talk to the vet about ending his suffering.  But as long as he is still himself, I will support him in every way that I can.

Probably we each have to set our own standards.  But it helps me to have that to go by.
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Good morning everyone,

"Melissa" I am very sad that your dog was just diagnosed with KD.

I am new on this forum but have found it very useful thus far.

My Tasha had a good night.  She was happy this morning, even yapping and wanting to play.  She is back sleeping right now.

I have to get her some tums or Pepcid for her tummy as I believe she is nauseas.  Might help with the appetite too.

good luck.
jane and Tasha.
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good morning,,

Tasha had a good night.   Even woke up noisy and playful.  So far no wretching.  I have yet to go out and get some tums or Pepcid.

Honestly, I feel exhausted both physically and emotionally right now.  It probably didn't help that i didn't eat anything yesterday till 10 last night.  And, I do suffer from major Depression which is making everything worse.  I am going to get some breakfast for us all, then have a nap, then get some meds for Tasha.  I know this sounds selfish, but if i don't even do the basics for me, I am going to be no use to Tasha at all.

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Good morning Karla,

Thank you for the recipes and the link......i will check the link out later.

read my post to Margot49 this morning for an update.

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Hi Jane...
There is a wonderful website that I have listed below....It is full of information for dogs with renal failure. It is...


There is also a Canine kidney group on yahoo...tons of support,and info. It is...


I am sure the information in these websites, will be VERY helpful.

I would like to mention, that Benazapril, will have many side effects, that are similar to those of kidney disease. Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite,lethargy, and muscle weakness.  Discuss this with your vet, perhaps there is something else you can try...?  Or perhaps she can lower the dosage a little bit...?

Also, your dog most probably has ulcers...this could be part of the reason, why she is nauseated, and does not want to eat. She may have ulcers in her mouth, and throughout her digestive tract. I would suggest getting her started on some meds to treat the ulcers. Again, your vet will guide you with this.
Also, be sure to remember, that any phosphorus binders that you are giving her, need to be given at the same time as the meal, or directly before or after eating. They only help if given with the food.

If you are not yet giving your dog distilled water, it is time to do so. Distilled water is the easiest on the kidneys, because everything the kidneys would normally have to remove, is already removed though distillation.

Best wishes...my thoughts are with you.
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