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kidney failure - food suggestion

Hi , my name is Elizabeth and a have Samantha a 14 yo mix lab....About 1week ago she started vomiting and was ating very little....I was trying feed her different foods and because I am a nurse and was trying give her some pepcid and nausea med before feeding her....about 3days ago she stopped eating and was eating only grass....with and creat 13.9....the vet gave her iv fluids, nausea, b12 and send her home to follow up blood work in a week....At home I am giving her subcutaneous fluids and her pills....but she still not eating even though the vet call me and said that is ok...and maybe tomorrow try feed her with something else than Royal Cain renal.....I have been  reading some posts that the dogs are eating baby food...I will try tomorrow...and see what is working for her....She is drinking and urinating fine for now....anything else I can give to her beside the baby food.....I tried chicken breast, hamburger, filet mignon but no luck yet....

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Have you tried hand feeding it. My dog didn't eat when I put his home cooked meal out but I put my fingers in the bowel grabbed a little out and he ate it off my fingers.  This is our thing now when he doesn't eat on his own. Now I think he just likes being hand fed. I hope she is eating soon.  
Thanks....I tried already but the vet told her bun/creat/phosp is too high....maybe once in control and with appetite stimulant maybe she will eat
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Green tripe is very good for dogs with kidney disease and dogs love it so much even picky eaters or sick dogs will eat it. There are a few brands of dog food with green tripe but I order fresh, raw green tripe from a company called Hare Today Gone Tomorrow. It smells really bad, but dogs love it.
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