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kidney problems

hi,  My yorkie is 14 & half years & about a month ago was diagnosed with kidney problems. Benji did weigh 7.3 pounds in september but has lost a lot of weight this last month. He has episodes of eating one day then not eating the following day. But this last few days he just dosn`t want to eat anything at all. Iv`e tried him with all the food i can think of. He is on medication for his kidneys but he just isn`t getting it, as he will only take it when it is crushed up in food. Last night he was being sick & having the runs for most of the night. Took Benji to the vets tonight,she wasn`t sure wea5ther he`d got a bug or it was his kidney problem. She recommended we give him chicken soup, & gave him anti-biotic jab & vitamin b jab.wants to see him tomorrow. Since then benji has had 2 spoonfuls of soup, but continues to sleep for most of the time. We just dont know what to do as we had a terrible experience with our other yorkie in July this year at the vets which ended in tradgedy, he was only 11 yrs.
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You have to find a way of getting Benji's medication down him.
I am not a vet, and couldn't tell you, even if I was, at this distance, if it is a bug or not....but my instinct tells me it isn't. The vet has to whittle down all the possibilities, by a process of elimination I suppose, so they go for that option first.
I know it is difficult to medicate a dog who is vomiting. Is it possible for the vet to administer Benji's meds as a shot? Or if not, to give him an anti-nausea shot perhaps, then you can start getting his meds inside him?

I know it sounds mean, especially as Benji isn't feeling very well, plus he is used to getting his pills crushed up in food, but the only way to get pills down him for sure, would be to get the pill to the very back of his throat, swift-and-sure (perhaps with someone to hold him while you do this?) then close his mouth, and rub his neck so he will swallow.

I do hope he will be OK for a good while longer yet. He is getting on in years, so maybe don't expect miracles here. But I hope he will feel a little better when the meds start to kick in. Good luck, and God bless.
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Ginger has given you some excellent advice.  Benji needs his meds, and he needs them whether he's eating or not, so the only way to get them into him is, as Ginger said, to hold him down, open his mouth, and use your thumb to push the pill all the way to the back of his throat so that he has no choice but to swallow it.  Medication, and especially medication for something as serious as kidney problems, is not optional.  The dog MUST get that medication if he is to be able to fight whatever the cause of the problem is.

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Hi, Thanks for the good advice.Benji has picked up since the vet gave him two shots & is eating a little bit more. but it is still a battle getting his meds. down him.
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hi polly.  i'm glad to hear your baby is doing better.  my dog is going through the same thing and she's even beginning to refuse human food.  wished i could give you some advice or i'd be doing the same thing.  if you find something that really helps, please let me know so i can try with mine.  take care

Chad & Maury
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