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kidney problems

Hi my dog's name is Tita and her kindness are functioning only 25% (according to the last blood test results 2 days ago) she stayed 2 days a the vet with IV and the veterinarian said that she has progress a little and we can bring her home with a treatment. They did another blood test but we haven't got the results. My concern now is that her back legs are very swollen and she can stand. What can I do to help her? Are there any exercise like therapy to help her?
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Hi Laudy
I am sorry to hear about your dog Tita and if you are able to post actual lab values I am glad to help you with the kidney issue
Thank you
Dr Carol Osborne, DVM
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Hello Dr Carol. How do I ask a question for you
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I've just had my little dog on fluid flush for three days and he has responded some,but not much. I realize that I may be putting him to sleep within the week. But can you please tell me if there are any more things that I should try?
Thank you!
Here are his numbers.
Cholesterol- 259
Creatinine- 5.6 was 9.0
Total Protein- 7.2
Phosphorus- 14.3 was 17
Alk Phos- 88
Calcium- 13.5
Bilirub (tot)- 0.1
Sodium- 148
Potassium- 5.9
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Is he eating?  If so, try switching to K/D wet food to help him take in more fluids and fight dehydration.

Also, can you give SUBQ fluids at home?  I know some people get wheezy and dogs don't like needles, but it could help slow the disease.  While the BUN is high, it isn't off the charts unreadable so you may be able to help a bit.  

I hope he feels better soon and you get a better understanding of this terrible disease :(
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Hi I have a 7 year old name grace. She first got sick about 4 weeks a go I took her to the Vet and he gave her a shot of because she had a very bad sour throut. And then send her home. 2 days later she was at the vet on a sunday she would not eat or drink. They did a blood est and a xray. And give her A iv onter the skin. The bun where 45. To day she is eating OK. Drinking a lot of water. Took her back to the vet her bun is 46 she had the iv again. she is to have it 3 times a week for now. She is back to playing and taking her walks. She is to have her blood work in 3 weeks. We are going to start her on Fish oil for dogs, Aventi KP powder and Aventi KS. I talked to my Vet today and he said to give it a try. she is getting home cooked meal she will not eat her hard food or and dog treats. I don't know if the dog treats did something. She is going out to the bathroom OK. She loves her daily walks. And she still like to play with her toys. When she first got sick she would not do any thing but lay. Can you tell me any more I can do. I hope we got her the blood test in time. Is the bun high at  46. thanks jr.            
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Hi hope this post finds you will. Can you look at the post I just send to amielynn24 and see if you can let me know if the bun is very high at 46. I when to the Vet today and did the IV my self. That way if I need to give her a IV at home when the Vet is not in I can. I think it when very will. My dog just set they and let me do it. But I hoping if we can get the buns down then thing may work out ok. She is eating home cook meals and drinking water fine. She has been keeping the food down for 6 days. We are starting her on fish oil and to other supports. Aventi Kp and Aventi KS. I talked to the vet today and he said it will not heard. thanks jr.  
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