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lab instincts

hi i m jus worried abut some thing abut things going on

past 3 days ago some1 stole a big (2 years lod labrador dog) which was really big n healthy in size ..was stolen by a total stranger

n people say labradors are much of a fake attackers than other dogs. they will jus stand huge n bark .thats it

so i m worried abut my 4 month old lab puppy ..if ever i left him alone somewhere like when he will b 1or2 years old
the same thing happen to me as i hav witness labradors are much of a cowardly dogs

how n why labs are like this n what i can do to make my pup a beast that no1 may steal it ever
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LABRA....Is that you?

Trust me, you don't want to make any dog a BEAST!!!!  Not for any reason!  Karla
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yes its my sis's account

yes i agree with u karl

but i will b in ruins if some1 stole it from us . can i give some specific training to make it more brave n theft seal-proof
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Years ago, you hardly ever heard of a dog being stolen. I used to leave my dog outside a shop when I went in (not for long -maybe 10 minutes, but he was always OK, and usually had made friends with someone by the time I came out.)
Now, it's different, MUCH different. Regularly I am hearing stories about dogs being taken from yards....gardens....even HOUSES! For goodness sake! A dog (and I think it was a fairly large dog, can't remember which breed now, but big) -was actually taken from someone's house!
Even in quiet country areas like mine, there have been incidences of dogs going missing mysteriously.

So my answer is this. NEVER leave your dog tied up outside a shop or store any time for any reason. If you're going somewhere you might not be able to take your dog in with you, then leave him at home, and when he's at home, make sure all windows and doors are locked. (sounds strange and maybe a little bit paranoid, but that's what I do)

NEVER leave him alone outside in the yard or garden, unless you are 100% sure there is no way anyone can get in, and there are high fences and gates. (so he can't get out)
I take my dog with me most places I go. She never leaves my sight. I don't leave her with other people either. If something were to happen, those people would never forgive themselves.

If your dog is good, gentle and friendly, you have a great blessing. Don't try to change your dog's character.
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I hope you listen to the ladies on here,you cannot teach your pup to single out people can you imagine it ......Hi can you wait a min while I decide if I will bite, kick and scream or give you a happy greeting ...because you might try to steal me....or can you show me some form of identification to prove you have good intentions towards me.
You can have a either a happy trusting dog or one that is too dangerous to go near.

That is left to the experts the Police and even then it takes yrs to train them.If you start worrying about this then you will miss out on all the enjoyment you get from your wonderful pup.Just keep her safe and relax OK.
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