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lab puppy 10weeks old

i am confused with too many google search......... friends plz help me. having a lab puppy (actually our daughter) of 10 weeks old. want to give her home made food. at present feeding her with royal canin maxi starter two times (appox 150gms), one boiled egg, 100 grams of chicken and rice daily. my question is want to withdraw royal canin and go fully with home foods and raw diet for her.

few questions:-

can i feed her boiled egg every day
is the amount of chicken is sufficient for her growth
can i give her raw goat bones(uncooked), if yes how often.

please friends and experts help me to find a proper diet for our baby. please help. thanks in advance
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More info I found and seems that many love this site and the Vet and use the diets.

if your ready and would like to homecook for your hounds you might want to check out www.petdiets.com. It's a website set up by Rebecca Remillard DVM-- veterinary nutritionist.
Homecooking can and is usually a lot of work but, if you're up to the challenge you'll find the website very handy.
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Glad Karla showed up.  :-)
I was checking my Greyhound boards as many on there feed raw or home-cooked food.

Of course, you would adjust this to the size of your dog but here is one recipe.

Here is the basic Saluki diet recommended by my holistic vet - to be fed twice daily - this is for about a 50 lb dog - feed more or less according to the dog's activity level and needs - take a week to 10 days to switch over to this diet from commercial food to avoid upset tummies.

at each meal feed;

1 cup meat (lean lamb (broiling removes most of the fat); beef, chicken, turkey (alternate meat sources every few days so dog received optimum nutrition)

3/4 cup organic cooked brown rice or cooked whole oatmeal or 1 sweet potato

1/4 cup steamed, finely ground vegetables, i.e. carrots, broccoli green beans, cabbage (organic preferred)

2/3 tsp Animal Essentials vitamin powder

2/3 tsp Solgar Bone Meal (for humans)

1 tabelspoon extra virgin olive oil

Then - once or twice a week add a hardboiled egg and a couple of tablespoons of organic cottage cheese
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OOPS...Here's the link, Thanks Tony for calling this to my attention...I thought about it too, when I got up this morning...Gee! :)

Link:  www.b-naturals.com
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Thanks for responding Karla. I think the link you intended to put in is missing though. Tony x
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Puppies are fragile and need proper nutrition especially at this age until 1yr.  The packaged puppy foods (NOT adult foods) are designed for a puppy's growing needs.....Particularly Calcium.....

Unless you are balancing your homecooking w/a calcium supplement, you are doing more harm than good....

As long as you feed at least 50% pre-made package, then you can add other foods along with it for the other half....

My favorite dehydrated Raw is made by the Honest Kitchen.....You can google their homepage and read, read...Some of their line is ideal for growing puppies...

Another pre-mix would be Sojos...They make mixes that you add your own meats AND oils...

Here's a link to a wonderful resource for homecooking and everything else....They explain the importance of supplements including calcium...Many recipes to look at including homemade raw...This is excellent place to begin.....Good luck, Karla

P.S. I wouldn't feed eggs more than twice a week......
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Raw diets were discussed in this thread, maybe it will help you a little.
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I've drawn your post to the attention of Misfits4Me ... I know Karla has fed raw diet to her dogs over some years and is very knowledgeable on the subject. Please wait to read her response. One quick warning is the egg every day. While raw egg can be excellent for keeping a dog's coat in good condition, unfortunately it also introduces a very high level of cholesterol which can be dangerous if given too frequently and over too long a period of time. Some eggs also are not free of salmonella unless bought from a store that has the source of their eggs checked regularly. Tony
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I haven't fed raw diet or home cooked either but I'm 'bumping' up again. :-)
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Sorry you haven't gotten any advice yet, there are people on this forum who are expert on "home cooking" for dogs.  

This reply will bump you post back to the top, giving it a better chance of being read by someone who can actually help.

The only comment I have is I think dogs need some vegetables too, maybe green beans would be a good adder.  As for eggs and dairy I'd watch for any reaction, such as itch as I think these foods are more allergy prone than others, say boiled chicken.

As for bones, I think they are all a risk, unless closely supervised and removed when they get small enough that the dog could swallow and choke.
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