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lump on my dog

ive recently noticed a lump on one of my doberman's back leg/thigh. i think it's gotten bigger i touched it and it feels kind of squishy? ive seen him pick at it a few times. im worried because i recently lost a dog to cancer. his was on his front leg and it got to size of a softball! he was my life i had him since i was 6. :( so i refuse to lose another! i do work at an animal hospital (kennel assist.) i was thinking of bringing him with me to work tomorrow not sure yet. really dont have the money :'( please help
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If it feels "squishy" it sounds very like a Lipoma. A fatty tumor, quite harmless. (unless it grows very big or impedes anything it may not need to come off)
BUT...PLEASE don't take my word for it! I am not a vet, and besides, who can diagnose a dog at a distance, without seeing or feeling the tumor??

Try to find a way to get this lump checked as soon as you can. It may cost you but who can put a price on peace of mind?
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