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lump on my labs back

my 3 yr old full blooded lab has a lump that has been there off and on for the last year and a half. i took him to the vet in town and they gave me a cone to put on him cause he chews on it. it has been there for a good 6 months now and the vet we see said the same thing. i am concerned cause it is very large and doesn't seem to go away now. i have noticed that there is some discharge around it.
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Find a different vet for a second opinion.  It could be many things, a tumor, a cyst, a fatty lump combined with infection.  

Get a second/third opinon.
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My dog had the same thing on his leg. it was a cyst and they just removed it. they tested for cancer, but it came back negative. he just had a couple stitches and that was it!
Go to another vet for sure!
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thanks for the input. i will definately do that.
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I have a weimaraner and today while i was rubbing him, i noticed a lump that was not there a day before. It was located directly to the right of his shoulderblade and i was just wondering if i should be worried? I was reading some articles before coming upon this site and i found that sometimes dogs will react to a rabbies booster in developing this lump. He did in fact receive a rabbies boos about two-three weeks ago. I just want to play it safe here. Any comments?!
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I can't believe your vet thinks that leaving an "Elizabethan" collar on your dog for 6 months is appropriate treatment.  The lump needs to be removed regardless of whether or not it's malignant.  I had several fatty tumors removed off my old dog a few years ago when he started biting on them after totally ignoring the things for over 2 years.  The surgery is very simple, and shouldn't be very expensive either - at least as far as surgery is concerned.  :-)
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