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I have a 7 yr old aussie shepard and he devloped two lesions on either side of his face, the vet determined after a skin scrape that it was mange, the lesions were about the size of a quarter.she recomended mitaban bath/dip.
my question is, is that too aggressive for such small lesions? or for his age?
he just got back from his secound dip and is not reacting well,he has dry mouth and seems dehydrated,he has fallen twice and is lathargic.I have read that I may be a normal reaction but no refrence to age is made,should I be more concerned?
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I had a chronic mange dog who had both sarcoptic and demodex mange for 4 years.  Initially, we had to dip him every 2 weeks with mitaban.  Gradually the dips were extended to monthly with longer intervals until his immune system could finally deal with it.  His condition was far worse than your dog's however.  

The symptoms you note are common reactions to mitaban, but my dog never had a problem with with it.  Make sure your vet is aware of what is happening.  As far as I know, you have three treatment choices with mange: mitaban dip, ivermectin injections or interceptor.  In older dogs like yours with very localized infections, the mange will sometimes resolve on its own with no treatment.
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I haven't try this mitaban bath/dip. I have a Labrador 6 years old that got mange also. I am not worried about it cause my sister's pet got mange also but it was fully cured cause she use a product from Qbased Healthcare and I am confident that my dog can be cure also. I just order from their website and the shipping was fast, after my dog got cured I did not expect that it will be this that fast for only a week and I ordered a lot of the product which is I dont need it anymore. I tried calling the company if I can return the Demodectic Mange Treatment - Kennel Combo from PetsBestRx and I got a positive response, I returned the remaining product and gave me a refund.
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