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My heart goes out to everyone who has had a sick or dying pet and I can particularly empathize with those who have lost their beloved companions to kidney disease. Three years ago I lost my beautiful australian shephard to this disease and now my beloved dog ginger was diagnosed in may and she has lost 10 lbs in 4 months and now she is starting to have seizures and also she is exhibiting a change in mental status by eating wood outside and also eating dirt.There is nothing I have not done or will not try for my dog.She has undergone acupuncture and still is with a vet and also is being treated with alternative medications by a pharmacist who specializes in this after the traditional medications such  as antihypertensives made her sicker.One of the doctors on med help stated maybe the seizures are not even related to her kidney disease but could be a brain lesion. Has anyone had their dogs exhibit these behaviors and have they had seizures with renal failure. Im waiting for blood work results to come back in the  morning. It is ironic the vet thought she looked pretty good and then when  we came home four hours later she had a seizure. Im frightened and heartbroken .If anyone has had dogs with brain lesions what symptoms did they exhibit.
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Eating weird things is called "Pica" It is probably her attempt to find something that will help the way she feels. It is possible to live with some forms of seizures, but it is scary to watch, and also there is the worry about what is causing them.

Forgive me for asking this, but the pharmacist who is helping her with the alternative medicines does definitely understand how these medicines can be used for dogs? Herbs, for example, are not all suitable for dogs even though they might be the right herbs for the ailment, and would be great for many Humans. If there were any toxic reactions, they may cause extra symptoms?

I do so wish I could be a greater support, but I don't have much experience of kidney failure in dogs. I do hope someone else comments who HAS had similar experiences and may be able to offer some advice.

Your poor girl! All I can ask for is you can get some help here. Why don't you look through the archives? I seem to remember some posts a little while ago where good advice was given in the management of kidney failure.
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