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moving cyst on female dachhound's throat area

My little 17 month old female dachhound dog has a moving cyst under the skin near her throat.  It moves about..
Is this a fatty cyst?  Is it normal for her age?  She is very, very healthy, with a short, beautiful coat.  Why is she getting these so young?
Pls advise.
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A moving cyst is most likely benign. BUT, to be on the safe side, do let the vet take a look at it. It is probably a fatty tumor, or LIPOMA. If it is one, they are generally harmless unless they grow too big, or put pressure on surrounding tissues.

Don't be too worried. My dog has a history of Lipomas, and sebacious cysts, and other tiny cysts. And she has had them for many years, some since she was younger. She only once had to have one lump removed, that was an infected hair-follicle. She is lumpy as a rice pudding!
Yet if she develops any new lump, even though I know almost 100% by now what it is, I do still take her to the vet for the lump to be checked out.

The secret with a 'lumpy' dog, is keep an eye on every single lump, get to know what it feels like, if there are any changes. Or if any new ones develop. I do my dog's 'lump check' about once a week or so. She loves it! It means she gets a full body massage!
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Thanks for the comforting message.  We are having it checked out on November 6th, when my VET gets back into town.  I'll keep in mind what you said.
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There's been a new development with Sophie.  Her cyst came to a head.  The blood pooled in one area and, in the middle of the night, I gently squeezed it and blood squirted out.  It had festered.  I gently squeezed it over and over again until all the blood waste came out.  She is fine now.  Her skin is back to normal.  What on earth was that?  Anyone got a guess?
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It sounds rather like that was either a hematoma that burst, or possibly an abscess. Is it  OK?
It's hard to say how to look after that now, because if it was an abscess, it is important to keep the wound open for a while, and NOT to let it heal too quickly on the surface, to make sure it drains properly. That can be done by bathing it with slightly warm antiseptic and water three times a day, until you are sure there is no more drainage of pus going on. Otherwise it could fill up again. Occasionally there are abscesses that have 2 levels. The topmost part bursts and drains, but there is a small fistula which leads down to a deeper level, which also has to drain out.

If it was a hematoma, then it is probably done, and just needs to heal over naturally.

Was there pus in with the blood? Or did it look like just blood?
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my dog had one these its a boil as long as you drained it an got head of it out, if went back to normal all is good. how is she acting? hope ur fur-baby feels better
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Thank you both for your excellent suggestions and your knowledge.  When it came to a head it was only blood, no pus.  I squeezed it out over and over again.  It is healing now with no hint of return; however, I run my hands over it daily and I will keep my eye on it.  Thanks for the information about the fistula; also the antisceptic & water treatment.  I am so happy I found this website!!!
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My beagle had 11 teeth removed. That night a large tennis ball tumor grew. Sample showed it to be saliva. All labs clean. Took out a ruptured saliva gland. Actually 2. Ball is still there. Antibiotics are working slowly.  Did the dental work obviously cause this. He vet would not give me answers.
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I am sorry but there is not vet here on the forums. I don't
know how long ago your fur kid had the teeth removed(?)
but you should be getting some kind of answer from the
vet who did the extractions and I would go back in to the
clinic and ask until I got some answers!
Your dog is on antibiotics you said,why was there some
infection in the gums when teeth were extracted,if not
then why the antibiotics? The saliva gland? I don't see
why antibiotics were given with "clean labs??"
I have no way to say IF the dental work was the cause of
a "ruptured saliva gland" but if you do not get answers
from the vet who did the surgery,please take your fur kid
to a different vet for a second opinion and evaluation and
I would suggest you do NOT WAIT to find out what this is.
Please come back and let us know what the issues were
as it may help others who might go through this.
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