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my bentley died suddenly from heart failure he was only 7

my  chihuahua Bentley was a happy little  7 yr old boy .on one of our walks he stopped and didn't seam to want to walk this was on Tuesday I said to my husband he seemed not quit right so I booked him in to see vets on the Friday, just to make sure everything was ok.  apart from that he was ok ,still eating drinking going to toilet normal , wondering round the garden as normal then on Thursday teatime  he started breathing bad I rang my vets at 6,35 told them I needed to see a vet that Bentley  had trouble breathing ,they said we are now closing the vets were getting ready to go home, I would have to call the emergency vets  which did not open till 7 ,rang them took Bentley in, we had to wait outside then they said he was in stage 5 heart failure tried all they could and about 11.45 he crashed and we lost him , I keep wondering if my vet had seen him instead of us waiting another 50 min to be seen would he have had a better chance, i have look at the symptom's of heart failure  and apart from not wanting  to have his walk there was nothing else, how can  this happen with no warning
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I am  so sorry about your dear little Bentley. Bless his Soul.

I don't know everything about heart failure, but from what I have heard, there are usually symptoms which last a while, and you would have noticed maybe at least for a few weeks?
It makes me wonder if Bently actually had a cardiac arrest.

With a heart attack, there can be some slight symptoms just before -maybe a day or two before. In many humans, those signs can often be ignored or blamed on something else, like indigestion or a strained arm, etc.

The thing is though, that a heart attack when it comes on for sure, is usually quite sudden. At that point, it's a fight for life, and not always a battle that can be won, even with the best speedy medical care.

It's hard to say if that 50 minutes between hearing the vet was closed and getting him to the emergency vet woul have made any difference to the outcome.

You did your best for Bentley, that is obvious.

There's an element of shock for you also, as you didn't have time to prepare for his passing.
I am so very sorry, Carole. My deepest condolences and kind thoughts.

If you find it difficult to deal with your grieving, there are online communities where you may find comfort and understanding with others who have lost beloved animal companions.
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