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my cat has dried blood on anus

lately my cat has been peeing around the house.  we just switched cat litter and it was suggested to us that he probably doesn't like it.  tonight i noticed dried blood on his anus. he is eating and drinking normally, has had all his shots and is strictly an indoor cat.  he is a ragdoll-siamese mix.  he isn't exhibiting any other weird behaviors.  about a month ago some neighborhood cats started coming to our back window and taunting him, which makes him really mad-could any of this be stress related?  
ps-does an actual vet answer these questions or is it the public who answer?  i actually need a vet's input ;)
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This is the dig forum.  You may want to repost in the cat forum
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thanks margot49 - i saw that after i posted :s
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No problem. :-)
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