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my dog ate bad chicken bones

my question what should i do.. my name is nikk and my dog name spot he is a year old and im very worried about my dog he is like the son i never had

last friday night my sister had cooked some chicken but she left  it sitting out the day before and i was made aware of the situation later the next day

now my dog spot is sleeping he drinks water but wil not eat no food of any kind could he have food poising because any other day he loves to play chase cats and play with the neighboer children he has been vomitnig up watery vomit and he has dairriah very bad i need answers
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Or he is experiencing blockage or perforation of the intestine which becomes an emergency!!!!

Have you got him to the Vet, yet? Please update.....Thank you
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Your dog is experiencing digestive distress caused by the bad chicken meat he ate. I suggest, make him chicken broth with squash and white rice mixed in, boil the chicken without the skin. To avoid dehydration put sugar in his drinking bowl. You can also use a syringe to force it down his throat, do this very gently to avoid injuring him.
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I gave him water not that long ago n fed him some chicken broth jus walked him he vomited and peed
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Nikkgrey.....The bad chicken might cause alittle stomach upset, but all in all, it shouldn't be that big of deal.....Dog have enough acid in their stomach's to deal with bad bacteria....

However, the cooked chicken bones are very dangerous.....They can become lodged in his mouth, throat, intestines, etc.....They also splinter and can reek havoc on internal parts...Raw bones do not do this, but cooked bones should never be fed...

Have you checked his mouth for any fragments of bone??? Possible cause of him not eating......

If he is still not eating and drinking tomorrow, you need to get him to your Vet.....Dehydration is also dangerous and can cause many other problems.....Please, come back & let us know the outcome.....Good luck, I hope he feels better soon!!  Karla
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