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my dog died suddenly

My dog passed away 4 days ago suddenly nielly she's 8 years boxer she was tottaly normal we went to sleep over a friend's house and I have to leave her at the garden and maybe it was her 1st or 2nd time to sleep not next to me but she knows the place well she slept in his dog's crate and his dog in other one I left her and I came back after a while I found her sleeping then I went to sleep and I woke up on my friend yelling nielly is not moving I came out I found her already dead in this crate I asked what happened he told he woke up and took her and his dog for a walk she went for pooty and she came back standing in front of the window waiting for me but she was tottaly normal but she didn't drink water although its really hot then he came inside to make for the dogs some food he went back to the garden after 10 mins he found her in the crate not moving nor breathing she was already gone I came out immediately there's something weird she was stoned and there was a blood getting out of her mouth but not alot and she used to hate this crate I never used to let her in anything like this why she went there to sleep away , I asked her vet he told me maybe it's  poisoning but it's not something logic coz the other dog is a puppy and follows all her steps then nielly died and the other dog is okay , excuse my English it's not that good but I wish you answer me , please .Thanks
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Hello. There are so many possibilities to what happened, it is almost impossible to guess. It could have been poisoning, but in such a short time, it must have been something extremely poisonous if that's what it was. I am more inclined to think it was a heart attack or even a hemorrhage of the brain. I am so sorry for your loss. This must be devastating for you. I don't believe it was anything you did or even anything your friend did. I think it is just one of those sad things that sometimes happens.

You are in my thoughts today.

Best wishes, Tony x
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Very sorry for your loss.

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