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my dog has become very different, I can't find out what the matter is with jer

My yorkie has always been a fun energetic dog. We live with cats and she has never acted hostile to them until we got a new kittin. She also has became cliny to my side. She use to before but now it is constant. She has had pups before and her last pups none of them made it. And that was about two months ago. I thought it was just her being depressed about the loss of them. But she has not changed. She also use to be quite and now she will growl at nothing. She also use to love being brushed but she almost bit me when I tryed. She also doesn't like me leaving her behind. I left for Christmas and she tryed to follow me. She could not come and she is now also constaly winning. If anyone knows what going on with my dog please let me know. I don't know how much more my family is going to take.
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Please take her to the vet for a physical exam, and get her full bloodwork done. If that all turns up nothing -then maybe the problem is behavioural.
Dogs can have behaviour changes when they are unwell. Of course they can't speak English and tell you they feel a bit weird. That sort of thing can happen when they are not ill enough to be unable to get off their bed, or crying out in pain. But maybe she is trying to convey to you she doesn't feel too great.
It is also possible it is hormonal, if she delivered pups two months ago. I am sorry to hear the pups didn't make it.
I would also ask your vet about the chance she could have Pyometra...(?)
I don't know what the chances are of her delivering a healthy litter in future. But it might be wise to consider having her spayed, if she is physically fit enough. The bloodwork and physical exam should show if she is, or not.
Pyometra in an unspayed female is very common in later years. It can quite often be life threatening and a medical emergency, and sometimes the symptoms of its onset are subtle. With that, a dog can die in a matter of hours, while their owners think they just have a bit of a tummy upset.

I hope she is okay.

If the vet can't find anything physically wrong, then the problem is behavioural. The best plan is to follow the advice of a good behaviourist who works with positive reinforcement. You may find someone local....you may be able to research that online, or speak to someone online, and apply the method yourself....or your vet may be able to recommend someone.
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