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my dog has lost weight

I have a 7year Yorkshire Terrier that has lost about 20 pounds and seems to be starving and drinks a lot of water.  He doesn't seem as happy as he used to.  I do not know what to do.  
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20 pounds weight loss on a little Yorkie? Are you sure? He cant have lost so much weight!...but never mind the deails...the best idea is to take him to the vet, and ask the vet to do a full blood profile.
There are a few reasons why a dog starts to drink more water, eat more, and yet lose weight. Let the vet find out what is wrong, and begin treating your dog straight away, and hopefully there will be a great improvement.
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I assume you mean 2lbs., correct?  Yorkies only weigh 6-7 lbs to begin with...

Sudden intake of more water, excessive hunger, etc. are symptoms of various diseases such as Thyroid Disease, Kidney disease, Cushings, Diabetes, Liver disease, along w/others.....

All of these are treatable & easier to control if caught early......Please don't wait......Get your guy in to be checked ASAP.  Good luck and let us know what you find out......Karla
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Thanks for the advice and yes he did weight over 20 pounds.  He isn't the little yorkie but more like the clifford of yorkies.  He gained weigh after he was fixed about 4 years ago.  
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There are two things that you said that definitely make me think it could be diabetes - the extreme weight loss and the constant ravaging hunger.  Diabetic dogs will eat anything and everything just to be eating.  Things they never even noticed before will become VERY appealing to them, they will eat just to be eating.  

Diabetes isn't the awful disease it once was.  It can be managed quite nicely with diet and/or medication and your vet will probably be able to diagnose it with a simple blood test.  Please let us know what happens.

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thanks for the advice.  We took our Harley in today and he has Diabetes with Ketoacidosis.  We only have a few weeks to months with him.  The disease is so far advanced.  We are just loving every minute with him.  He is such a precious dog (friend to us).
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