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my dog is barely eating

a few days ago i found a tick on my dog and took her to the vet to have it removed. i was told it is not the type that causes lyme disease. after that i started her on flea and tick medicine. since then she has had a poor appetite and has been very lethargic which is usual for her , she is a siberian husky and normally very hyper. what could be going on that would make her act this way?  she does have a vet appointment in a few weeks should i move it up?  
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Sorry to hear your baby is unwell.  I would definitely get on the phone to the vet and get her in asap.  While the tick may not have been the kind to carry Lyme Disease, there are many more illnesses caused by ticks.  Good luck and I hope she is eating well again soon.
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Please get to a vet asap....something is wrong....
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