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my dog is sick, and i am scared that she's dying

My dog Like 3 weeks ago everything she eats she pukes,no matter what is it she pukes even having nothing in the stomach. I think she might have some kind of a virus or fungus?  because she has her nose cover with mucus almost everytime, everytime she swallows she makes weird noises and gets kinda trapped with the food. I think she's in pain, and at this moment  shes breathing hard and i hear weird sounds coming from her. She already puked before this.im kinda scared  she breathes so hard and cant even stand up. And yes she have a weird pump on the neck. But idk if its that what causes.

I really want to know whats wrong with her before taking her to the vet, because here the vet is really expansive, and she's my dog for 13 years now.. she grew up with me

She's a french poodle, and gender is a female dog.
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So sorry but there is no way we can tell you what is wrong with your dog but it sounds like she is very sick and needs to see the VET as soon as possible!!!!!  
Perhaps our Vet will let you make payments or make some arrangements.
Please don't let your poor dog suffer.  
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Yes she does desperately need some medical help. Please do take her to the vet as soon as you possibly can. She is doing her best to hang on, to stay alive, you now need to really help her.
She does sound very sick. I do hope all will be well. I can't say what's wrong with her either. It could be anything from a virus, to a gut blockage, a tumor in her throat....pancreatitis......liver problem, kidney problem....
Only a vet can tell you.
One way or another you HAVE to find the money needed for her treatment. Is there a relative or friend you could borrow money from? Or like Margot says, it IS possible a vet will allow you to make payments in stages. It depends. But I would advise speaking to the actual vet, and not just the receptionist in the office there.

Where do you live? Are you in the USA?
A member here, opus88 recently posted "Resources to help pay for Vet Care". This is the link from her post a few days ago:


It may be some use to you, if you live in the US.
If you are in the UK, please let me know because there are options I know about which may help.
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Waiting 3 days with these symptoms is unfair to your 13 yr.old companion....Yes, your dog very well could be dying & there is no internet sight that can tell you what's wrong w/her. (Other than, I doubt that it's a Virus or Fungus)!

Please, do not guess or hesitate, any longer....The shortness of breath is serious/along with the vomiting.....The mucus is coming from her lungs...It sounds as if she's suffocating! This would be an awful death for her....You must seek treatment immediately & not let her suffer any longer....I hope it all works out...Bless her heart...Karla
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Please come back and let us know what happened....I've worried about your poodle all night & day! Did you get her some help? I would appreciate a response......Thanks, Karla
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