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my french bull dog puppy is in grave danger plz help !!! .

my french bull puppy is 4 months and is not well since i have brought him ...he is continuously vomiting or throwing undigested food...for which i gave him parinorm to cure vomiting...and he is very lethargic and never play or run...he is drinking water excessively and then vomiting watever he has eaten wit a white foamy thing...before this his condition was very critical and was on drip for three days...and was given a syrup gramogyl...for vomiting and loads of injections by my vet for fever...i am very tensed about him please help !!!
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He is a very cute little guy and I love those big ears. I hate to see that he is sick.   How long have you had him?  Days, weeks, months?

If I had to use my best guess here I'd say 1)Diabetes- I know he drinks constantly, does he pee constantly too?,  These are 2 symptoms of diabetes along with Lethargy.  Vomiting isn't included in the diabetes symptoms but the disease could be affecting your dog causing it to puke.

Has he possibly eaten something that has caused an obstruction before you got him or after? or is some genetic defect causing an obstruction?   Has he been checked by x-ray yet for an obstruction? If not I would suggest having that done.   Is his tummy or neck swollen?  Does he poop ok?  What color is his poop?

I would have the vet check for diabetes first, it is a quick less expensive test to have done then an x-ray for blockage/obstruction if no diabetes found.  I hope this helps.  
Good luck.  Keep us posted please.  God Bless
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Your pup is very sick.Has your vet taken blood or scans to find out what is wrong.???

First of all you need to find the cause then treat the symptions you must get answers ! it might be the go to change Vets as time might be running out.
I could not hazard a gyuess you need a good vet to do that as soon as possible.

Please let us know how you go.In the meantime keep fluids up to him as not to get him dehydrated.And make sure he is kept warm.

          I only hope the poor little angel will see it through.
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omfg thats so sad

lil kid on lot of injections :(

hav you brought him at early stage like when he was 4-weeks old or kinda ?

he may not hav get enough of his motherly milk leading to these symptoms which is necessary to  develop his immunity.

he may b  sad leaving his mother
or might b a unhealthy puppy since the start
u r all doing the vets n all things

y aint u try to switch ur vet may b another vet may suggest better homemade or medical remedies !

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