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my golden retriever died suddenly

2 days ago my dog Sophie threw up in the yard it was a bright yellow color but I though nothing of it because she throws up sometimes when she eats grass or eats too quickly. that night she was completely fine playing with a tennis ball and being her playful self. she sleeps in my room under my bed and around 5:30 may 2 she woke me up by licking my hand and acted as if she wanted to go out. I let her out and she was fine she even ran back to the door. we went back to bed around 7:30 I heard her making a gagging sound I though she was about to throw up again I could hear my father in the hall way getting ready to leave for work and asked him if he could take her out. he agreed and yelled for her to come outside which she usually jumps up to any indication of "outside" there was no response. we pulled out the blanket she sleeps on and she was dead. I tired my hardest to revive her because she was still warm but we had no luck. we had to bury my best friend yesterday she would have been 6 in June and she was very healthy. can anyone help me understand what may have happened ?
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My deepest sympathies to you on the loss of your beloved Sophie.  :(

Whenever a young, apparently healthy dog just dies for no apparent reason my first thought is "bloat".  Bloat can strike any dog but larger, deep-chested breeds are more prone to it.  Essentially, what happens is that the stomach flips over on itself and switches places with the spleen causing major damage to both organs and the intestines leading from the stomach.  It is always fatal if not caught and surgically corrected in time and it is so deadly that if a dog bloats at, say, midnight after the family has gone to bed, unless someone is made aware of it almost immediately, there's a better than average chance that the dog will be dead or close to death by the time the alarm clocks go off in the morning.  It literally kills within hours.  

Of course, the only way to tell what happened would be for you to have the vet perform a necropsy on her.  Without that, there's really no way at all to tell what it was beyond hazarding a guess.

Again, my condolences to you on your loss.

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I am so sorry you lost your baby. Did she get into any pesticides? Any type of poison? My prayers are with you.
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