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my malamute is losing weight fast

my 16 month malamute is losing weight fast, her hair is getting brittle, she has rock hard stools some days and then I get her on mineral oil and the stools straighten out.  she has reasonable appetite and her energy is great, she loves to run and run when we take them out for their daily runs, she is only 40 pounds and her litter mates are all at 80 lbs or better.  could this be a impacted colon that needs surgery/?  
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I can't comment on the possible impacted colon. You would need the vet's advice about that.

But what does she normally eat? Is it dry kibble?

You could try her with some home cooked meat or fish with added vegetables, and some juice from the cooking. You could even add some of her kibble to this. A little olive oil or Salmon oil added to her food won't hurt her, but only a little bit. More moist food may help.....
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Hard to tell, what are you feeding and has she been checked for parasites?  A Vet visit should be in order to get some blood work done.
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