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my new puppy screams whenever introduced to a new dog

my new puppy is six months old and we just got him.  Whenever we try to introduce him to our daughters golden he starts screaming uncontrolably and wont stop.  How do I get him to act normally
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Ahh, poor puppy. Congrats! My dog does the same. Here is why  . . . I got the dog we have now in January during one of the worst winters we've ever had. We potty trained but didn't go for a lot of walks (it was seriously 20 below zero many days outside with windchill). Spring thaw, I took her outside. I walked up with her to a neighbors dog and she did the screaming thing. It's fear. Fear aggression is common. Your dog may have not been socialized or had something traumatic happen as a younger pup. Acting normally shouldn't be your goal but making your dog more comfortable. This comes with controlled exposure. Introduce slowly to other docile dogs. Hire a trainer would be even better. My dog never really got over it. I didn't realize about socialization with other animals as a puppy as I never had that issue before and never got a dog during winter when it was mostly inside with people and not other dogs/cats. My dog is a champ with kids! Loves them. Other animals? No sir. But socializing her or working through anxiety is the best bet to make your pup more comfortable and social.
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