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neck trauma 2.5 wk old puppy

the puppy fell from approx 2 ft height and landed or mashed her neck on impact i couldnt tell if it was chin up or side bend impact but whatever it was it seemed to be a 30 degreeish crunch and then all of a sudden the reaction was her tongue fell out of her mouth alot of her tongue like an entire inch for 2 -3 maybe..... 4 secs then thank god retracted back. then i centered her to my face to check her eyes or for any neurological detail and around 40 secs after the tongue hanging limp from her mouth she did this weird head tilt like 90 degrees-ish to the right .  for a few secs then thank god again she stabilized her head she walked fine no disbalance steady no wobbling etc.  i then watched for any loss of eye motor coordination and thank  god none but im very nervous now what the hck hyper extended ?????? ive seperated her from other puppies for no more jossiling head butting  trauma . she seems fine it was so upsetting  i cant believe that it didnt cause some kind of future/permanent  long term damage  do u know what these symptoms may constitute ??? thanks !!!!
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This puppy needs to be examined by your Vet ASAP......He/She will be able to answer your questions about extension & about the trauma your puppy endured......Sometimes these kind of injuries go from bad to worse very quickly with minimal outward symptoms.........Any good breeder would already know that & wouldn't be online looking for answers.....You wouldn't want a damaged puppy sold/given to any unsuspecting new family!  Call your Vet today!  Karla
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im not a breeder im someone who saw a preganat dog took her in . and now i have this. and.............. im in a third world country whose vets r nice but on the third world side and i can asure u do not do things like specialize in nuerology. so i want to know from a nero position what these symoptoms are b4 i go in cuz trust me it makes a world of diffrence
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First, thank you for helping this momma dog & her puppies...We don't have any specific Neuro people here, but I will bump this to the top for others to see....We do have one poster (Margot) that may can help you...Hopefully, she will see this before long......Karla
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Very hard to tell if there might be any neurological or cervical problems from up the fall.  How many are in the litter!  At that age, you have make sure that she still regularly nurses and Mom is cleaning her.  Best I can suggest to do is keep observing her.  See if she is feeding adequately.  Watch for lethargy, vomiting, crying, disorientation, etc.  
not knowing your Vet care there and since this is a rescue litter, not much else you can do.  She may be ok or you may come to a decision to let her go.,
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