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My dog got neutered three weeks ago and now he has swelling in his testicles just showed up yesterday vet put him on amoxicillan and anti inflamatory anyone ever had this happen so long after surgery
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I felt so sorry for my dog... I got him fixed about three years ago. I though that you only needed to have the collar thing on for 24 hours. BAD instructions from the VET.
My little boy licked his self and got it very infected.
He also was given Antibiotics. I put POLYSPORIN on it. Contact your vet to make sure they approve that.
My dad owns a kennel for hunting dogs... They do a lot of natural healing, It worked for my little guy... I also put him in a cage with the collar on again. Didn't even let him run outside. I put him on a leash.
He was much better with in a week....
Best of luck with your little man.
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Good morning to you and thanks for being a good pet parent and having your pet neutered!

Scrotal hemotomas are uncommon occurrences after a castration surgery.  If the dog has been overly active or if he has been licking at his incision site, tiny blood vessels in the skin and sub-q tissue can become damaged and leak.  The blood and fluid really has no where else to go other than the empty scrotum.   As it fills up, it almost looks as if the testicles have returned!!  I  have seen this happen anywhere from 3-4 days after surgery up to almost a month later.

Antibiotics are appropriate and you might consider cage resting him (no running, jumping or roughhousing and outside on a leash only and only to use bathroom) until the swelling begins to recede.

What kind of dog and how old is he?
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No I'm sorry I have not had the same experience. But someone else may be able to help.
It does sound to me, like he has developed a bit of infection at the site of surgery, which is not a common thing, but could happen, of course, with any surgery.
Continue with the meds the vet gave you, and complete the course of Amoxycillin, then see during his treatment, if there is any improvement. Hopefully there should be. Obviously if things stay the same, take him back to your vet, as he may need a different treatment perhaps a different antibiotic.
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