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older chighuhauas having seizures

do older chihuahuas get prone to seizures caused by low glucose levels
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They can do. Older dogs can get seizures for many reasons. Always seek vetinary advice if you are concerned.
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yes seizures in older dogs can occur for many reasons. Liver problems can cause seizures in older dogs
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A neighbors dog had become diabetic and the dog had to take medication. Make sure that you give the medication on time, like if it is 12 hours apart, then do it say 7am and 7 pm, it is very important.
I have a dog with seizures, his is from a low thyroid.
I would also suggeat that you read about the food a dog should have. Aviod giving the dog treats that increase his sugar in the blood, you might feed several times a day in small amouts? I have not dealt with this condition, just wanted to give you some thoughts to look into.    
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