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older dog not eating and urinating in home, it's been about five days now

Our female dog, believed to be 10-13 yrs, hasn't eaten in five days and has been urinating in our home.  Even after she's been taken out, an hour or two later we find huge puddles of urine in our laundry room.  She's never had a problem and goes out on a regular basis.  We're very worried.  Any ideas?
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She could possibly have a UTI, stones,etc.  Think she needs to be taken to the Vet for an exam
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You don't say if she's still drinking water (Which is very important!)
In a senior dog, this could be many things......Some--serious, some--not so much.....However, any dog without food (Hoping she's still drinking) for 5 days is extremely dangerous......

Like Margot said, this could be a simple Urinary Tract Infection that needs treated quickly.....Prescription Antibiotics will be used.

Or--Diabetes or Kidney Failure-Very serious

When's the last time she had a blood test run? Most senior dogs have them yearly. Has she had one recently & if so, what were the results?

If not, She needs a Vet visit ASAP with a complete blood panel run to  look for any underlying conditions......Take a urine sample w/you to check for UTI or protein loss. It will be less money if you can collect your own sample to take.

I wouldn't wait any longer--5 days is long enough & she needs to be seen! Let us know what you find out.......Good luck, Karla
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