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pain medications for dogs?

I have a dog that is possibly lab and golden retriever.  I just acquired him and in the past he was hit by a car.  It seems like his hips give him some problems after he runs, jumps and plays.  Is it okay to give him Ibuprofen for pain relief?
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NO!  Dogs can't metabolize ibuprofen (advil).  You can give him tylenol for a short time, but he will be much better off with an anti-inflammatory from your vet.  

I had two dogs that ended up with severe arthritis.  The first took rimadyl daily for 5 of his 13.5 years due to hip displaysia.  The last couple of years we switched to deramaxx when the symptoms got more severe.  BIG difference with the deramaxx, but it's more expensive. The other one had arthritis from a blown ACL and TPLO surgery, but a half a deramaxx a day for her last 5 years kept her going just fine.

Have your vet do a thorough exam to determine if he does have arthritis for certain and judge its severity.  He may just need a little anti-inflammatory medication if he over exerts; or he may need it daily.
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My dog a 60lb puggle at 2 200mg ibuprofen and has been vomiting. He seems lethargic sometimes and other he seems fine. What should I do?
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