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pancreatitis recovery

my dog recently suffered from a bout of pancreatits and was hospitalized for 3 days, she has been home now for 5 days but is still sluggish, has very little apetite, and still has vomited 3 times since she has been home, she is drinking regularly and urinating normally but her stool is runny and yellowish. She seems to be getting her energy back, but her nose is really dry (she is a 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier) Any advice would be great
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Pancreatitis is one of the more difficult diseases to treat.  It is also extremely painful.  If she isn't able to hold down water, I honestly think she needs to go back in hospital.  The way pancreatitis is treated is by allowing that organ to rest through literal starvation.  Same treatment holds for human patients too.  The dog is given IV hydration and nutrition, nausea and pain control, and then you wait it out.

Is she eating anything at all?  I hope your vet explained that avoiding fats is very important right now - and in the future.  What did your vet determine to be the cause of the attack?  Did your dog get into some fatty human food, or is something more ominous like cancer going on?  Was an ultrasound done?  Sometimes the lab work will come back nearly normal, but the pancreas remains so swollen that the dog stays nauseated, in pain and continues to vomit.  Please let your vet know what is happening.
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my Min-Pin had the same in Oct 2007. He got pancreatitis from a steroid shot.He spent 5 days in the hospital and on the last day did he start to eat and drink. The vet made it very clear if he could not hold down water or food, he was to return immediately. For the first week he was also very weak and he ate very small meals every few hours. This also helps to keep his pancreatis from working hard. He is now on a special low-fat diet that only can be bought through a vet and will remain on it forever. Please be sure to keep all fatty foods away. It's been 4 months now and he's back to his normal self. Just keep in mind that if he started vomiting again to get to the vets ASAP.
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You should call your vet right away.  You don't want her to get dehydrated.  Did the vet say an ultra-sound should be done.  My dog had all the symptoms of pancreatitis - and we found out when it was too late that he had eaten a piece of rubber - and it was lodged in his intestines.  It didnt show up on an x-ray ... but did when i decided to take him for an ultra-sound.  Unfortunately, Willie was too weak, and passed away.
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The day before Thanksgiving, my 5 month old toy Yorkie developed diarrhea and vomiting.  I took her to our vet and they did blood work and x-ray.  The blood work showed acute pancreatitis.  She was given IV fluids, Reglan for the vomiting, a B12 shot and an antibiotic and was not allowed anything to eat or drink for 24 hours other than licking on ice cubes every few hours.  By the next day she was all perky and playing.  The next day I started her on the vet's low fat food that they carry.  She did well until today when out of nowhere she developed diarrhea and vomiting.  I called the vet and she met me at the clinic and we underwent the same treatment that was given two weeks ago.  We have spent $800 thus far.  My poor little Sophie does not look good and am so concerned.  Has anyone else had bouts of pancreatitis in a young puppy?  If so, did it go away?  Do you have any other suggestions?
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