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pao virus

My daughter just called the vet and they are taking their new puppy in because the vet thinks she has parvo.  Can humans get canine parvo?  She has a 7 year old child.  Also, is the treatment for dogs usually successful?
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Thank you for your quick response.  THANK GOD, the little puppy does NOT have parvo.  I know it's really serious, but I didn't know how bad.  Her husband got her at a pet shop (MY DAUGHTER AND I TOLD HIM NOT TO) and when she got sick, we were scared to death because he also got another puppy along with her.  She is a little "bug".  A boston terrier/pug mix and adorable!  

When my daughter called the vet in the middle of the night, she said her symptoms sounded like parvo, but it was just another virus that was treateable, thank heavens.

You sound like you have a lot of dogs, good for you.  I'd have HUNDREDS if I could afford it and had the land!!

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No, parvovirus is not transmissible to humans.  There IS a parvovirus that children can get called Fifth Disease, that brings on cold symptoms and a rash, but that strain is restricted to humans.  Neither virus can pass back and forth from animals and humans.

Parvo is very difficult to treat in dogs, which is why that is one of the vaccinations that puppies must have.  I read recently that there is a new strain of parvo that isn't yet covered by vaccine, however, if the pup has had the regular series of parvo shots it won't get as sick as without them.  I hate to say it, but your daughter needs to be prepared that this pup may well die.  Their little bodies dehydrate so quickly, that early diagnosis and treatment are critical to recovery.  Keep us posted on how the pu comes along. I really hope she pulls through.
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