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post op spay complication!?

I have an Akita, Sumi, she was spayed Tuesday. She was not in heat when spayed.  She is 6 yrs old, weighs 94 lbs. The vet that did her surgery told me she has a little bruising but this was normal for a dog her size.  When I first got her home Wednesday she seemed fine, a little groogy.  We have been taking it easy, and she began to eat small amounts of  her normal diet by Thursday and seemed to be moving around ok.  Today is Friday, 3 days after her surgery, by this evening she is very ansy, up and down, and seems to be in a lot of pain.  We walked outside and she threw up twice. a lot.  (she usually doesn't do this), she is walking very stiff, and seems to want to stretch but won't.  She just doesn't look herself.  She won't let me look at her tummy, and acts ill about it when I try.  But I checked it yesterday and all looked ok.  I will try again after I type this.  Is this normal behavior for a large dog to behave this way after this type of surgery? I am very concerned about my baby, of course it would be Friday and all vet  offices are closed in my area.  I had her spayed at a low cost spay center, and I can't reach any one to find out if this would be normal behavior for her after surgery.  She whines every once in a while also.  I'm not sure whether to sit beside her and comfort her(which is what I want), or leave her alone and give her space.  If she is in too much pain, is there something I can give her here from home?  Is it just normal pain from after the surgery, or could something else be going on??
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This dies not sound normal to me.  Try to get ahold if that Vet or take her to another one to get checked.
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