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pup peeing

We have a Great Dane pup who is almost 5 months old.  We take him out to pee all the time.  He will go outside and "fart around" and sniff trees etc... Then, about 10 minutes after we bring him in he pees or poops in the house.  This is an everyday ordeal.  We have a large cage and have tried that--no change.  He even pees in there after a few hours.  I'm a nurse---so I wondered if it could be a UTI?  I didn't know if I could add Cranberry juice or something to his diet to see if anything changes.  Any help would be MOST APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm willing to put big $$ on this NOT being a UTI.  It is an SP!  Schedule Problem.  Dogs are creatures of habit and schedule.  he's learned to go in the house and that has become his schedule.  Like mentioned USE an enzyme odor remover by lable directions and get rid of all previous soiled areas.  Next ESTABLISH a routine schedule.  Dogs need to"go" after:  Every meal, waking, playing and before going to sleep.  Those are the times you let him out and make sure he's out until he goes.  When he goes you PRAISE him lavishly.  THEN he gets to come inside.  within a few days you will have established an elimination schedule that will stay with him.  

Kennel training is THE BEST.  However, it's not magic.  if he has a full bladder, after a while he has to go.  But on this new schedule he should not be in his kennel unless he's had the chance to empty first.  read some more detail on Crate Training online or in a good book.  

I think the only thing wrong here is SCHEDULE!!  It is common problem, but you can fix it.  
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Good morning to you!   How exciting to have a new puppy in the household.  

You mentioned that your pup urinates and defecates in the house after being outside.   This is because he has learned that this is his bathroom.   The first step is to find some GOOD pet stain and odor remover.   I have always recommend Nature's Miracle or a spray product called the Equalizer.

Next, an UTI could be a possibility.   You can always take your pup to the veterinarian for a physical and then can run a urinalysis in house.   Alternatively, you can catch some urine at home and take it to the veterinarian.  Be sure to catch the first urine of the morning and try to catch mid stream.  Has your pup been to his "doc" recently?

More likely, your puppy just needs to relearn some ground rules.   Go back to using the cage (something that is "just right" in size...he should be able to stand up , turn around and lie down...no bigger!) and get on a good routine.   He needs to spend the night in the crate, outside first thing in morning, feed him while you get ready for work/school and then outside again about 20 minutes after feeding.   Control his portion and don't let him have more than 15 minutes to eat.  Then back in the cage while you are at work.   Outside whenever someone comes home.  Dinner time should be similar to breakfast, only a limited time to eat.  ROUTINE ROUTINE ROUTINE!!!

Good luck!!

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