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puppy has odor an itches

My 10 month old puppy has a bad odor an itches his butt none stop can someone please help...
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He needs you to take him to the vet.  
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Did you find out that your dog has an abscess?  Maybe needs antibiotic?
Good luck. This or any other problem your dog has can certainly be addressed by your vet. Puppies do require lots of care...and as older dogs  They become family quickly!  Talking from a point of view of a Doberman Granny! Hope your puppy is doing better.
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you have an anal gland problem which is common in small dogs. and this may sound gross, but whenever your dog has a bath, or if you don't want to do it your vet can do it for a small fee, but the anal glands need to be squeezed. it is gross but it will relieve her bottom and the smell will go away, but the only problem with this is that the dog will most like ly have to have it's anal glands expressed by a person instead of on their own. hope this helps
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I responded to your other post......Let us know what you find out......
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Agree.  Sounds like an anal gland problem.  You should check with your vet or a good groomer to get them expressed and see if that diesn't help
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Thanks for your response re anal gland puppy. Seems that reminding the groomers and giving  prdednisilone T has finally gotten our dog on track!
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