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puppy not eating or drinking

i have a 4 mth old beagle mix she was active and now she just wants to lay around im forcing gatorade but when she gets up to walk she about falls over i dont have money for a vet i need advice she is like my child
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somehow you are going to have to find a way to get her to the vet.  Call around to see if there is anyone who will see you with payments.  She is too young to not eat or drink for very long.  There are some groups that will help with vets.  Here is a start
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Has she had her shots.  She is of the age that a puppy can get parvo and if NOT treated can cause death.  I do not want to scare you, but catch it early and it is curable.  Please find a way to get help.  Parvo prevention is very important for puppies.

If your dog, especially your new puppy, begins exhibiting any of these symptoms, see a veterinarian right away. When parvo is involved, every hour counts. The secret of survival is quick treatment, so don’t ignore these symptoms! One or all of these will usually being showing after 3 – 10 days of infection.

    Lethargic. If your dog normally likes to play and has high energy, this is the clearest sign that something is wrong. You could say they act depressed.
    Lack of Appetite. The more common strains attack the digestive system.
    Vomiting with no change in diet. It usually looks clear and foamy.
    Bloody Diarrhea.
    Stronger Feces Odor. It’s unmistakable and you will never forget it.

The vomiting and diarrhea are the most dangerous, as they can quickly lead to dehydration and malnutrition. This leads to other problems that eventually compound on top of each other to finally kill the dog. And fast.

Always be on the lookout these symptoms of parvo, especially if your puppy is over 10 weeks old.
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she has had all her shots and is up to date
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