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puppy with chronic pudding-like bowel movements

I recently adopted a rescue puppy from South Carolina. When I received him (he was 10 weeks old) He had watery, bloody bowel movements. I took him to the vet and they diagnosed coxsidia (sp?) and prescribed albon and a bland diet consisting of boiled hamburger and white rice. He finished the meds and remains on the rice, hamberger and small amounts of puppy chow to reintroduce normal food. I noted on his tranfer papers that the original vet had also presribed albon and panacur...so I know he was dewormed. I am concerned that this puppy is sickly. I also have noted a cough (mostly at night)...he was treated at the SC shelter by the initial vet with clavamox. Is there anything I can do to help solidify his  bowel movements?
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The cough will probably go away.

My rescue puppy had it when we got her at 8 weeks, she had an antibiotic.  But she is down to her last cough of the day, morning at 6 months!  It has taken that long, it is almost gone.  The vet said her trachea was slow to mature, but I read about kennel cough on the internet + it sounded more like.

The bowels may require further investigation.  Have you tried a good probiotic, putting back the bacteria?  You could pick it up at the pharmacy.

But this kind of diareah in a young dog requires treatment.  EVerything will gve a puppy diareah, medicine , change of home, change of food.  But it should go in a day or two.  Otherwise it requires a vet as long term damage can be caused.
Very best wishes
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Yes, change his food....Were his stools better before you introduced the Puppy Chow back in?  Puppy Chow is full of dyes and toxins...Any of these can cause digestive problems.....There is very little nutrition (If any) in Purina Puppy Chow!!!!!  Look in that direction...Hope this helps and thanks for adopting......Karla
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Thanks for your feedback. The probiotics is a good suggestion. All my cats are on high quality organic food but the peple at the rescue said that Bentley (my puppy) was being given puppy chow and not to change this for a while for fear of loose bowels. I questioned this...had misgivings...but went along with it because of the coxsidia and didn't want to throw in too many changes. I will definitely change the quality of food immediately. Thanks for all your help...I do think I will drop off another sample for testing though...just to be sure.
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My puppy was the same way when I adopted him. He had kennel cough. He had to have a shot and meds. As far as the diarrhea is concerned, the vet gave him medicine for it, and it went away for a little while. After it came back, I decided to switch his food. The ONLY food that does not hurt his stomach, and is actually very good and vet recommended, is science diet. He loves it!
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Thanks LolaLee....I did exactly what everyone suggested and went out today and purchased new food.....as a matter of fact...I bought Science Diet "Natural" lamb and brown rice formula. I thought that if he may have food allergies, the lamb would be better than chicken or turkey as they are usually fed corn. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm going to post another question regarding housebreaking because despite my efforts, we're having a tough do of it! Your comments/suggestions would be welcome! Thanks again.
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Well, my puppy took a while to housebreak. I started to use puppy pads, which do not "attract" a dog by scent like they say they do. He, for the longest time would lay down on the puppy pad, and use the bathroom next to it. Then, I just put them all over the house, everywhere he was using the bathroom. He would use them every now and then, and then more often. I then, because they are pretty expensive, just placed them in the spots he always went to the bathroom. It started to work. Of course, anytime he used the bathroom elsewhere, I would yell no in a stern voice and put him on a puppy pad. He just started using them less and less, until he was finally telling us he wanted to go outside. It was a long and patient process, and luckily we have wood floors and not carpet! Oh, we bought a reusable/washable puppy pad from Petco. They are about 20$, but well worth it. Other puppy pads are so much more epensive to keep buying, and they leak, tear easily, and just don't do what they say. The fabric puppy pad at Petco is great! My puppy actually seemed to prefer it over the cotton filled plastic ones from other stores.
Good luck!

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