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puppy with pancreatitis

My 9 month old puppy was diagnosed with pancreatitis today, they kept him at the vet all day giving him IV fluids.  They let us take him home tonight so he was only admitted for about 12 hours.  They sent us home with instructions not to feed him anything tonight and a special diet for the next 7 days, they also gave us a prescription to control his vomiting, Although I told the vet tech he looked to be in extreame pain they stated he did not give them any indication that he was, so they sent him home with no pain meds.  He is not himself, very lethargic, panting his eyes have that sick look to them.  Should I call the vet and demand pain managment, or should I let him rest and give him some time recoop? I feel very stressed.  I don't want to lose him and I do not want him to suffer needlessly.  To me the vet treated this diagnosis as a "no big deal" event, but from what I have read it is very serious.  Am I scaring myself by reading about it on the internet or are my concerns valid?  Help I am soooo lost!!!
Anything anyone can tell me would be greatly helpful!!
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Oh gosh! I am SO sorry your question went so long without a reply!

Pancreatitis can be very painful. It sounds like the vet did all the right things...except -give him anything to ease the pain. You are right, he should have had that! It is very common, but also quite serious, and needs careful handling.

It is true however that if there is any health problem (human or canine) it is possible to read terrible things about it on the internet, and possible to get very scared over that. The internet is a good resource for research, but can make things sound life-threatening, when they might not be. However you are right to be concerned. Your dog needs some more veterinary attention I think.

I guess by now you will already have spoken to your vet? How is your dog now?
Again I apologize for you having to wait ages for a response.

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Sorry for the delay in a response back, I took the puppy back to the vet and asked for pain meds, the agreed he should have some and they were wrong not to give them to him originally. Since then he is doing much better.  I have elimiated all dog food and people food that people would tend to give him.  If they were eating they would always give him a little piece, but no more.  He is now eating boiled chicken with rice and organic veggies mixed in.  He seems to like this.  I am hopeful this never happens again.  I have never seen a dog in so much pain.  I honestly thought he was going to die and I was distraught.  If anyone has any other tips for ongoing treatment of this disease, I would love to hear it.  My puppy is my child,(crazy to some I know!) but I never want him, or me to go through anything like that again!  Thanks so much for your response I really appreciate it!  :)
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I am glad to hear there is some improvement with your puppy, and he got something to ease the pain.
No-one here is going to think you are nuts for being nuts about your dog! My dog is like my little sister, and I don't mind who thinks I'm nuts for saying that!

Keep him away from anything fatty, or even something slightly fatty. I'd keep him away from dairy as well. Plain boiled meat or fish. Chicken is good. Game meat (rabbit or game bird) is virtually fat-free, and is best boiled. There is nothing wrong with fish sometimes, plainly steamed or boiled, and of course, all bones removed. But I wouldn't give him very oily fish right now. Although oily fish is generally good for dogs, as it contains Omega oils, it might be a bit rich for his tummy at the moment.

It's very difficult for other people (friends and family) to ignore pleading eyes at the table, or to throw away any left-overs that they think the dog might enjoy. But he is best to keep away from ANY table scraps, no matter how harmless they might seem to humans. Some food which is great for humans, is really toxic for dogs.

The vet might be able to suggest a prescription-diet basic dry food for him, which would help him get all the nutrients he needs, and help him on his way back to full recovery and strength. You could gradually introduce this to the food you are giving him right now.

Other people on this forum are sure to have had experience of feeding a dog with pancreatitis, or recovering from it, and will have some good suggestions.

Good luck. So glad he is much better!
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Hi..Please read my posts & Journal, because it all has to do with Pancreatitis & Cushings disease. My little Poodle had another attack of Pancreatitis 2 days ago.
I almost had heart failure & had to eventually calm down to handle Julie.
I just posted what happened so please read it.  I know how you feel. It's a awful feeling to see your baby suffer. I am sorry for you both. I hope things get better.
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