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red bump on right testicle

My husband tonight noticed on our dog on his right testicle it is red on one spot and looks like it is going to come out of his skin. He is 3 years old, a german and australian shepherd mix. He has not been fixed because one vet says that he has a heart mumur and the price was outrageous!! The other vet said he didn't have one but it was still the same price. I looked into Humane Ohio but they need proof from the vet he doesn't have a heart murmur. But now we don't have the money so... that's where we are now. It looks almost herniated but I don't know what that looks like, but it almost looks like a red pimple with no white head on it. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you!!
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my girl dog had a red mark that was swallown near her *** it went away after a few nights it might be that but not sure good luck :]
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Welcome.....Do you have a photo????

As far as the neuter, all states/towns have low cost Spay/Neuter clinics.....

CAll around to different shelters or SPCA in your area....All of these places offer low cost clinics.....Or they will be able to suggest where you go....He really does need to be neutered (For his sake)...

What do you consider outrageous??? We only charge $35 at our clinics....$10 extra if the dog is over 50 lbs.....What were your price quotes???

Again, if we had a photo of the lesion, we may can help you determine what it is....Let us know...
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