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relief for senior dog cognitive dysfunction syndrome

I am posting this as it may help you.  two years ago in Aug, my 13 yr old Yorkie began having anxiety attacks. In analyzing it, my friend who has worked at senior citizen centers told me it appeared to be 'sundowner''s" I researched it and my yorkie had the same symptoms , coming on early evening.  She has been a very brave dog, never trembling , and has been on 22 plane trips before she was 2. she went with me to art exhibitions all year long, traveling long hours and staying with me at shows, hotel after hotel.. even to russia for several months.
suddenly, she was claustrophobic in the same room with me.  leaving me, for a silent corner. a closet. panting, shaking. .. any kind of sharp noises, coughing ! sent her into a frenzy. . I bought rescue remedy. No results. I bought on herbal site other calming  meds $$$.. no ... nothing I tried helped at all.  the worst thing happened was I gave her a sedative for a 4 hour trip called acepromazine. and my dog had a seizure and it was in the car and I almost crashed. I thought she was dead. she never had a seizure in her life.

the following april I discovered CHOLODIN on amazon.com I read the glowing reviews with enormous excitement.
I bought it immed, it is a large amount, I realized the amount in the container would out last my little girl.. but it was worth a try !
One of the re views said it reversed his pet's conditions. no, I didn't experience that. But damn, if I don't think it arrested it.  I have not seen more deterioration since that day. plus, I think she has become accustomed to the new ''her'.  I gave it to her by hand, and she ate it willingly for many months. now, every morning for breakfast , I crush up her dose ( 1/2 tablet) into sweet potatoe and that is her breakfast. she loves it.   At night , I give her her antihistimine inside a half portion of  (glucosomine ) PHYCOX the other miracle in our lives life. I will post phycox review separately. ANOTHER TIP . I was giving her  a med inside little peanut butter. . Those little dabs put on the pounds.. a yorkie her size is only supposed to have about 200 calories a day ! I discovered fat free cool whip to hide the pill.. she thinks it is ice cream. yay , success   Good luck with your alzheimerish dog !
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Thank you so much for sharing your experiences!  I am not familiar with these products but willing to learn something new every day.  
I had my aunt's dog, after she passed, until she was over 16 and displaying some of the behavior you described.  I think I might have tried this with her.

So sorry you had that scary experience with the Ace!!  Have used it on dogs in the past, mostly post surgery, and never had a problem.  Friends have used it too.  Glad your little one was ok.  You just never know what one dog might react to when others have been fine.

Again,thanks.  Will check your other post.
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I have a friend whose 16 year old JRT has Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome... I will share this info with her. Thank you. :)
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