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shih vomiting bile

my 3 yr old shih tzu vomits yellow bile at times, i give him pepcid at times, i cook noodles with chicken,i make sure that he eats at night,but he still vomits in the morning, i feed him with Nutrish by rachel ray. the vet says that all bld works were all normal. they also ruled out pancretitis. the vet said that i shld try pumpkin to put in his kibbles, but he didn't like it, right now , i'm giving him pepcid everyday. is there any suggestions ?
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I had a dog that use to do that and after much money spent on vets and special foods you cooked. A vet told me like people have acid refulx give her pepto tablet pink ones one a day and she was fine after that acid problem what she had. good luck and hope gets better
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When I was young I had a Scottie who vomited bile from time to time.  Turned out he had a yeast infection in his ears for years.  Not from lack of attention on my part!  The vet just kept saying there was nothing wrong with his hot red ears full of wax.  When we got a new vet, she immediately treated his ears, and no more vomiting.  It can also happen if your dog has bad allergies, from all that mucus draining into the stomach.  You might want to check your dog's ears for a lot of wax or redness, and watch for a lot of scratching or biting to indicate allergies.  

I have found that Greenies or similar treats often help with minor stomach upset
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Thank you very much, i'll definitely check his ears.
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Thank you very much
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i have a shih to and she is 17 months old and now and than when she gets up she does that to and its nothing but yellow bile most the time. i had a boy shih that lived to be 17 years old and did same thing.  just acid in tummy never gave them anything but i will ask her vet what i can give her to help tummy . good luck with your fur-baby
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Thank a lot.Then i don't have to worry, i'll just keep on giving him Pepcid for his tummy
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I have a Bichon that has done this as long as I've had her. She's 8 and I've had her 5 yrs. I have had every test, on the planet, run on her. I have solved the problem by 1. Feeding twice a day & 2. Giving her a dog cookie or bisquit (Not a soft treat) at bedtime. I mean right as we go to bed. IMO, the bisquit absorbs the stomach acid for the night. This has solved the problem for her. Good luck & I hope she feels better, soon.   Karla
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To answer your question simply:
Because you have a Shih Tzu.

Sounds to me like you have a normal Shih Tzu. All three of my families Shih Tzu act the same; they sleep for 99% of the day and when they play they sprint around the house at the speed of light, for about 20 minutes then it is back to sleep. My wife thinks the dog is depressed, but that is just how Shih Tzu are. They are very low energy dogs.

As for the puking, that is also pretty normal. Shih Tzu have very sensitive stomachs. My dog pukes often in the morning, usually once a week. Sometimes your dog may not eat enough one night and the next morning it will throw up yellow or white foam. Then they will also puke if they eat too much, it is a delicate balance. Allergies can also be the cause. Allergies are another thing that they are sensitive towards, when my allergies act up, I take a Claritin before bed, and the dog gets half a Benadryl tablet (about 10mg).

One last thing, Shih Tzu are, again, sensitive dogs. This time I am talking of their feelings. If you leave, no matter how long or short of a time, it gets so worked up when you come home that sometimes they will puke.

It seems that a Shih Tzu's natural reaction to everything is puking. I am not advising you avoid the vet; if you feel that you need to take your dog, do it. I am just letting you know I went one time and the vet gave my dog some pills; well after $300 for the visit and the pills, the dog puked about 8 days instead of 7, the same (if not better) result occurred with the benadryl.

I hope this will calm some people's worries about Shih Tzu and throwing up. It is something they do. What seems like a lot of puking for us isn't a lot for Shih Tzu.

Again, every dog is different, so take your dog to the vet if you are unsure.

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_does_my_shih_tzu_throw_up_yellow_bile_and_sleeps_a_lot#ixzz1LxOHV9Ot
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Thank you that helps, my boy is nearly three his not sick that often but he been sick ( think yellow bile) twice both in the middle of the night, someone said give him some bread whole meal which has helped, but it nice to read that they can suffer with sickness sometimes, my friend shih tzu is the same but his sick more often, so I wasn't sure, so it was good read ,
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My shih tzu was doing this and someone said she may be allergic to chicken. At first I thought it was impossible.. Until I took note .. Every time I gave her chicken .. Even boiled or steamed lean breast .. She would be sick frothy bile..SO she WAS allergic to it.. Obviously that is just my shih tzu .. Doesn't mean to say that's the case with yours ...( maybe worth a try though)..
Saffie now has Barking Heads wet ..( even the chicken flavour!!??) K9( jollees pet shop own brand).. Hypo allergenic.
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