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sib husky problems

Hey, I have 2.5 year old husky, he has been, except minor paw problem, perfectly healthy.... Today he start coughing and the vet said it's normal for that breed (he's shedding), but half hour ago he throw out.... Is it something to worry??
Sorry for grammar mistakes, I'm from Croatia.... :)
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Agree with Tony.  That is not normal for any breed.  
If this continues, I would certainly be taking the dog to another Vet.
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He didn't do anything.... We came and he told me it's normal cause it's shedding.... Last night was horrible, he coughed and throw up almost all night.... In the morning again... He's better now, but I'm still worried.... I guess it was something he ate, cause he was perfectly healthy till now.... Anyway, thank you....
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Hi. Coughing and gagging is NOT normal for Huskies - nor any breed - so your vet is wrong. It is symptomatic of various acute and/or chronic conditions. The most common is a foreign object that has been eaten, but which is causing a blockage in the airway. By throwing up, he may have dislodged the foreign object, so check to see if the coughing subsides.

Other common problems associated with these symptoms include Kennel Cough (has your dog been vaccinated against this?) or roundworm infection (has your dog been wormed within the last few months or at all in the last year?).

Other conditions associated with these symptoms - if they are occurring frequently - include congestive heart failure, bronchitis or congenital defects (abnormalities from birth). These are conditions only your vet can truly diagnose and advise on treating, so it is worth asking him about them sooner rather than later. Has your vet done a full blood analysis? Has he inspected and checked your dog's heart and lungs?

Hope this helps.

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