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sisk 10 month old golden retriver

my dog is not eating.he has a bad case of diarehea and is doing a lot of throwing up. his stool is very dark and at times contains a lot of blood, his eyes are very heavy, and isnt playful.could you tell me what to do for him. unable to see a vet due to no vet clinic available for another 2 days. what should i do to make him better at this time.he was already treatted for lung worm a month ago. could the lung worm be his problem again.could you give me some idea of what to do with him . thanks.
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A vet MUST see him, and as soon as possible. This sounds quite urgent.Take him into the E.R. as an emergency. If there isn't an emergency vet close to you, drive till you find one. However, usually, if you ring your regular vet's number, you are given an out-of-hours or emergency number to ring. That is usually so.
He needs treatment as soon as possible. In the meantime, try to keep him hydrated. Don't make him eat. Try to get as much water down as you can, but in very small amounts at a time, as large quantities could make the vomiting worse.
I do hope he gets treatment quickly, and will be OK.
If you get chance, let us know how he gets on.
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Your Golden retriever needs to see a vet immediately, he needs medical assistance.
It sounds a lot like Canine parvovirus, which is dangerous and fatal.

When it comes to parvovirus there are a number of symptoms to look out for. The disease makes it impossible for the dog to absorb liquids and nutrients and as a result, the dog will suffer from diarrhea and may also experience lethargy and vomiting. There is a loss of appetite. Most dogs stop eating and have particularly foul smelling and bloody, liquid stool.

In its early stages, dogs with parvo often have a high fever, loss of appetite, and depression. The other symptoms, such as diarrhea and vomiting, occur as a result of the severe distress on the gastrointestinal system. Shock, dehydration, and death are the next stage. Sadly, the attack on the dog’s heart and subsequent congestive heart failure can occur months or years after the dog seems to have recovered from the virus. In addition, puppies who survive the disease often remain with poor health their entire lives.

I would be taking him now, calling a Vet immediately.
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Thanks for your reply. I just got back from the vet,the doctor ran blood work, and discovered that coopers white blood cells were very high. he is now being treated for severe bowel infection.( LONGISIL 2 INJECTIONS. 3.6 INJECTION OF CERENIA )
Hopfully he will feel beter in a couple of days. Thanks Mapleleafnut.

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Thanks for your reply. Mapleleafnut
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It's good news you got him treated so fast. Let's hope he will be ok, when the medicine starts to kick in. Best of luck, and nice thoughts from me to Cooper (and you)
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You Are Most welcome.
I am glad that the Veterinarian has been able to assist and get an answer.
It is a good thing that he is now being treated and on the road to recovery.
Best of Luck Hunni,
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