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skin allergies

Hi I have a staffie and she scratches under her chin ans down her neck causing redness and sores really bad it seems to only flare up once in a while, she eats dried complete meal, can anyone help? many thanks.
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Hello & welcome.......This sounds like an allergy, but to what is harder to figure out.....

If it were just her neck, I'd say a flea allergy. However, since neck is involved, it's something she is sticking her head in....

Plastic water bowls & food dishes will cause this.....So can an allergy from something she's sniffing outside....Food can also be a culprit....I don't know what "Dried Complete Meal" is, but If your feeding a grain based food from a grocery store or discount center, you need to upgrade to a healthier food. You want NO corn, wheat, soy, chemical preservatives, by-products or dyes in her food. Read the label on the food your feeding and see if it contains anything that I listed......Any of these can cause allergies.....Her system will be more equipped to fight allergies with proper nutrition.

For the rash: Witch Hazel will sooth it and dry it up....Can be purchased at any grocery store or pharmacy.....Good luck and let us know how she is......Karla

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Hi Karla     Thanks for your advise, I think its a good idea for me to think about the food bowls as i have just changed her back to a plastic one,i will give her the metal one back for a while see if this helps, as for her food she eats a complete meal and that is from a well known pet store and its called Beta Purina Turkey and rice and the Ingredients
Cereals (min 4% wholegrain, min. 4% rice), Meat and animal derivatives (min. 14% meats, min. 4% turkey), Vegetables protein extracts, Derivatives of vegetable origin (min. 0.5% beet pulp), Oils and fats, Minerals, Vegetables (min. 0.5% chicory). With antioxidants and preserved with EC additives.
Vitamin A: 12,000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3: 800 IU/kg
Vitamin E: 100 mg/kg
Vitamin C: 70 mg/kg
Vitamin levels are guaranteed up to the best before date

Typical Analysis
Protein 26.0% Calcium 1.2%
Fat 10.0% Phosphorus 0.9%
Ash 7.0% Copper 18mg/kg
Fibre 2.5%  
I know she isnt putting her head into anything as we have  a big slabbed area for her with nothing there, I think its going to be a difficult one but i will try the things you have listed I do bath her neck in bakeing soda and water and dry it off and put tea tree on as i read this on the internet and it does help to sooth it, but its like she has a flare up every now and then, she doesnt go into any grass or feilds only on hard standing, We have also bought new beds on numourus accassions thinking it was that now we have made her own 4 poster wooden bed with ordinary pillows in it and just a fleece on top and cotton blankets (spoilt i know ) hahaha! So I feel i dont know where to go from here so i do appreciate the help you have given hunni many thanks will keep you posted x
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Whooops! Karla just looked at that post it is a long one, Sorry. x
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Hello & thanks for the update.......I'm still not sure about your food as I cannot find an exact ingredients list anywhere....That alone makes me suspicious!

You are evidently not in the US as my food search seemed to be located in Australia.

Anyway, from what I know about Purina (Here in the states), their foods are too grain heavy for a dog's needs...Not enough protein (Meat) for healthy nutrition.....Grains cause ALOT of allergy problems for dogs. You might still think about that if the plastic bowl change doesn't help...

I don't know if you can buy an OTC antibiotic ointment/ or Cortizone Creme where you live. If you can, either of these would give relief...You may have to experiment a few days with each one seperately to see which changes the rash for the better.......

Good luck and please come back with updates........Karla

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Hi Kara thanks for your reply  I am from the UK  and I think I will do a bit of research into a sensitive food for her and yes thats a good idea to use a cream thanks for your help i will update you when i have tried these things take care till we speek again    Dawn  xx
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