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skin problems in my dog

hello doc... finnally i can share my dog's problem. I have a dog her name "Latte" she is 3 years old she is cho cho. She's have a skin problem around her body (injury, suppuration etc). i am so very confuse, the first i think this problem because her shampoo. I don't know what shampoo's to match with her skin. This problem make consequence to her body hair to drop off. Please help me, what can i do for her? what shampoo that match with her skin?? Thank you for your attention....
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I have a West Highland Terrier and he has skin allergies.  He was having problems with yeast infections in his ears too.   The vet said our dog probably has food allergies, so he prescribed a special dog food and prescribed medication, which helped the itching tremendously while he was on it.
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I see you live in Indonesia.  Do you have access to vet care there?  It's entirely possible that your dog is dealing with mange, and that requires veterinary care.  Since you mention pustules, she's definitely got a secondary skin infection that will need antibiotics.

As far as dog shampoos are concerned, the best ones will have very little or no fragrance at all.  Many people use human shampoos on their dogs because they smell good, but those fragrance additives can really make a mess of a dog's coat if the dog has allergies.
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Are you sure that the problem is caused by the shampoo? Have you had the dog checked by a vet? It can be a skin allergy or something else...
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