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sneezing husky!

our husky cross akita sneezes! We have noticed he does it a lot when very close to us *getting an enthusiastic rub*...cant say I've noted him sitting there and sneezing..its always when he's plodding about getting excited!

Any thoughts on my little sneezer?!!
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Hey, yea our chocolate lab does the same when he gets excited. So we just make fun and sneeze back at him it turns into a game and he does it on purpose so we will do our sneeze hehe too cute nothing serious I hope :)
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Is it a proper sneeze (air blowing outward) or what's commonly referred to as "reverse sneezing"?  Reverse sneezing can be frightening to see if it keeps on for a few minutes, but it's harmless - basically a kind of a hiccup.  Our Dal gets reverse sneezing fits  sometimes and we can usually stop it by rubbing his throat and getting him to move around a bit.  That technique might help when your dog gets the sneezes from excitement.  If the sneezing fits are caused by excitement, tone down your greetings a bit and see if it stops.  As long as he's otherwise healthy, no worries.  :-)
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Yeah it's always when he's jumping up to greet us in the morning, or just generally getting in contact with us. i thought he was allergic to us cos he does it a dozen times! Glad to hear it's not just my dog, phew! =-]

i will try that jaybay..but he is a large boisterous dog who wont keep still when hes in full husky mode! He seems okay, just his eyes have started to screw up when he does it heehee. Is cute..just hope he doesnt blow his little brain or eyes out! =D
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Chalk us up to the "sneezing akita" also!  My akita (purebred) ALWAYS sneezes when he's "happy" or excited.  He only does it when he's up close to us getting rubbed.  He's done it all his life.  Thank goodness it's not "wet" sneezes!  It's doesn't bother us (other than we don't know what causes it) and he doesn't seem to have any negative affects from it.  So...  "shower" us with love!  :)
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my pup 3 months old husky sneezes once in a while, this didn't worry me until I took her to the vet, he told me that the shots I had given her from another vet were ok but not good enough, and that there were some possibilities for her to die from too much sneezing, see she doesn't sneeze all the time just like four times every other day, not every day, maybe every two weeks or less, but the doctor says that it starts with a few sneezes and as it increases they can sneeze blood and by then it could be too late =( well should I trust the vaccines I given her from my original vet? or should I try and give her the vaccines that this new vet recommended me? I mean I have had puppies before and they have never suffer from that, and they had sneeze somewhat so I think that is less likely to happen but he is the expert and I love her I don't want a risk it, but I think she'll be fine, what should I do?
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