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stage 4chf jack russell

Our dog is 12 1\2 years old and has stage 4 CHF. She is a Jack Russell and was very active. She takes vetmedin three times a day and lasix twice a day. She did faint a few times prior to medication while chasing her ball. We were told it was lack of oxygen and to try and keep her calm to prevent this.We have done just that so fainting is not an issue. She has slowed way down, can't jump up on couch or bed anymore and every once in awhile hesitates to go up and down two steps to go outside. Her belly is swollen from fluid and her breathing is labored at times even at rest. When she wants up on the couch and we pick her up she growls the whole time. She still gets excited when we come in, wags her tail and looks happy. She still eats, not as much but still does and her eyes still look bright.

I don't want to see her suffer and have read the post of others  who had dogs that had much worse symptoms so I am so unsure how to move forward. Should I put her down now to prevent any more suffering? Should I wait longer since her tail wags?  I think I know what to do but don't want to do it too early but again if I wait....I
I don't want to she her worse.

Please let me when.

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I AM SO VERY SORRY,I know what you are going
through as this year I had my little boy Mr Benson
who went through this...my heart hurts for what
you are going through.
I did make the choice to have the fluids drawn
off Mr B,they use a needle and take the fluids
out BUT I will tell you this is a short term fix
as the fluids come right back in a few days
I did not keep doing this,it was not helping
him. I would pick him up to put him on the
bed ( Mr B was a 3 pound Yorkie) put him
on the couch,he could get down as we have
foot stools in front of all our couches,as well
as by our bed but he couldn't jump up either,
though he could get down by himself.
Her breathing is labored because the fluids
are putting pressure on her heart and lungs
making it hard for her to breathe,which you
probley already know. She may be growing
when picked up because it may hurt her as
picking her up would put even more pressure
on her chest,lungs and heart...it's a crappy
no win disease and I hated Mr B was going
through it,I hate your little girl is going through
this...I hate it is not something anyone can
fix or make better.
Mr B then got a secondary problem,also
nothing we could do to help make him
better...I did take him in so he could cross
over when he had no life in his eyes...I had
to do the last thing I could do to help him.
No one can help you deside when it is time
if she still is happy to see you,wags her tail
and has bright eyes I would say she may have
a bit more time with you,enjoy each hour,each
I can ALWAYS TELL by looking at their eyes
when it is time to say good-bye,they get a
dull,distant,almost frozen look and it is then
I know,they loose the look of life in their eyes
and it can't be missed.
ENJOY EVERY MINUTE,if she stops eating
and drinking,gets a lost empty look in her eyes
or is in visible pain...you will know what to do.
You have been so fortunate to have had her
with you 12-1/2 years,this means you have
taken such good,loving care of her for her to
reach this age...
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Thank you Jan and I am sorry for you loss. I am sure Mr. B was an amazing dog. It is a horrible disease and our decisions are extremely hard. I feel the same about their eyes and I
Am treasuring what time we have left. We decided not to do the fluid drain because we read it just comes back and Shelby doesn't like going to the vet. Thank you again for your reply and I have you in my prayers.
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