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what are the symtptons of a stroke in a dog
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Many owners confuse the symptoms of a stroke in humans to a stroke in dogs. In fact, they are quite different. The tytpical symptoms of a stroke in dogs are (one or more of the following are indications of what may be a stroke): Dog stroke symptoms

Head tilt
Loss of balance, moving in circles and falling over
Eating out of one side of food bowl
Turning the wrong way when called
Loss of sight or blindness
Abrupt or drastic change in behavior
Loss of bowel or bladder control
Seizure (fitting)

Of course, some of these symptoms are typical of other conditions too, so if you have concern about something your dog is doing, then it is certainly best to see a vet as soon as possible so the correct diagnosis and treatment can be given.

A stroke in dogs can also be a pre-warning of various heart conditions, including a heart attack. If treatment can begin early enough, further strokes and heart attack can be prevented. Tony
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my sandy a 15 year old jack russell had most of the above,she had a massive stroke late yesterday,but nothing could be done for her, so we had no choice but to put her down.  thanks for your reply and go well  regards peewee869
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I am so very sorry for your loss. Russells are truly great dogs, so full of character. My neighbour where I used to live had a Russell and, despite being a third the size of my dog, she was certainly the boss and dominated mine with relative ease. That said, they were the best of friends most of the time and even enjoyed a holiday away together - with us humans. 15 years is a very good age. I am sure she would thank you, if she could, for sharing your life with her and for supplying so much love and affection. Run free little one. Tony
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