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sudden dry patch sores

Hello, My 9 yr old Maltese recently had surgery for bladder stones, an enlarged uterus and a tumor on one of her mammary glands. She did very well. That was about 2 months ago. I took her to have her groomed 2 weeks ago and about a week ago I began to notice these dry looking patching sores all over her back, neck and head. She has also been put on a new food from the vet Prescription diet u/d. Any thoughts on what this might be?

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Welcome...Is there any hair loss w/this?
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What is the vet prescription diet, Science Diet?  That's what our vet prescribed for suspected allergy problems in our Westi.  

First, there seems to be a strong opinion that Science Diet isn't the "best" and the Prescription looks to me to be suspect to say the least.  There is much better non-prescription foods available, and for less money. Ask what the diet is:  avoid Beef and Chicken, the usual suspects.  Then pick a high scoring food that meets the goal.  In our Westie's case I changed from Venison to Salmon both Sweet Potato the other main ingredient.  The rescue person we adopted our Westie from told us she had been feeding him grain free salmon/something and he was doing fine.

Pick a food that meets the parameters the vet is seeking but be sure to get "no grain" and "no artificial additives"... every thing is listed.

What is the chance your dog had an allergic reaction to the groomers bath soap?  Ask what they used, then discuss that with your vet next time.

Our Westie has skin reactions to lots of things including many of the dog shampoos.
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Science Diet is a low quality food and there are definitely other options for dogs with or prone to kidney stones.  I'd recommend checking out this website and going from there (you'll need to know what type of stone you're dealing with/potentially dealing with):




Hope that helps.
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Thanks for the sites, but I note the links are incomplete. Nonetheless, the dogaware.com looks like another valuable resource.

I looked there at Probiotics as I have started my Westie on them.  I purchased the Vetri Science treat at Amazon but upon reading the label I was disappointed/concerned by the ingredient "chicken flavored"   I am trying to keep my dog off of Chicken and Beef for sure, among other noted items.

Is "chicken flavored:" in one treat about the 3/4" by1/2" by 1/2" thick enough chicken to be concerned about when one is trying to eliminate chicken while testing for food allergies?

My plan is if I find the fish diet clears up his paw and leg licking/chewing and the yeast smell (he under active treatment for yeast) I will start adding chicken and watch.  It would be a great option to be able to give him quality chicken foods/treats - even a taste of "table" white chicken and chicken broth at times on his kibble...  
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Yes, the links are incomplete...Darn, wonder what happened? ...I'll do it again, later...Thanks
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There's two of them.....Dogaware.com is a wonderful resource!
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