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sweet dog

We have a 12yr,-part. Husky,Akita,Border Collieand Pit Bull, one of thee sweetest and gentlest dogs besides our other hound. Question is, he takes Potassium Bromide 2.4cc a day prevention of seizures, been on it since August 2007, the poor dog had a seizure couple of days ago. He takes this medicine because he had smoke inhalation  he was trapped inside a smoking truck, luckily he was picked up and out of the truck before the truck caught on fire. If this is supposed to work then why the seizure?
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Sometimes medications work well for seizures and sometimes they don't at all, or lose effectiveness over time.  We frequently babysit a 120-lb Lab who developed seizures around the age of 2.  Even with large amounts of phenobarbitol, he still seizes right on schedule at about 7 weeks.  However, without the meds, he'd be having several a week, and more severe episodes including loss of bowel and urinary function.

There are other meds, and combinations of meds, that can be tried if the frequency of the seizures increases.  Just report the episodes to your vet and include the time of day they occur.  Some dogs have them at nearly exactly the same time of day, and meds are timed around that.  One episode isn't anything to be too concerned about.  It's when they start seizing frequently that you'll need to consider a med change.  Good luck!
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